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On The Other End Of The Line

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On the other end of the line was released October 31st 2008. It was directed by James Dobson and written by Tracey Jackson. James and Tracey have been in the movie business for a long time and they have other projects that were very successful. Tracey is known for the movie confessions of a shopaholic. It did not receive high ratings in the US however it was released in so many other countries such as: Singapore, Bahrain, Italy, Argentina, Netherlands Germany, Mexico, and South Korea. The movie is a romantic comedic, “chick flick”. However I believe the movie has a lot to offer in terms of culture difference, marriage, and gender between India and The United States.

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She is successful and she believes they should be together because they are both successful. That night they were having dinner he gets a call from Citi bank and he hangs up because “he is not interested”. The waiter comes back with his credit card claiming it is not going thru and Emerald pays for dinner. He gets another call from Citi Bank and he tells Jenifer, which is Priya’s American name that he his card was not working. Jenifer explains that the bank has frozen his accounts because of some unusual charges. He then decides to tell her to call him the next day because he was busy.

Priya is very good at her job; she completely impersonates and gets in to the character of the American woman Jennifer that resides in San Francisco. She is very ambitious and she would like to go and visit America. She recently got engaged to a man, Vickram that comes from a good family and s a good boy according to her family. In the movie we see her going to his house to see his parents house. She realizes that this is even harder than she thought. The idea of marrying a stranger that she does not share beliefs with. She shares what is on her mind to her best friend that has been through this process already. Her best friend explains that she felt the same way at first but she fell in love after marrying her husband.

Priya and Granger develop a weird phone relationship because she kept on calling him every time a charge appears on his account to make sure it was legit. Priya ends up searching him on google and knowing who he is and what he does. She was impressed and she ends up developing feelings for him. He mentions he was going to be in her city, San Francisco, for work and he wanted to meet with her. She was excited but she declined because in reality she does not live in San Francisco, but Mumbai. After a couple of days she decides to go to America and discover what is out there before she is tied down. She spent all her savings towards her trip. She leaves a message to her parents saying that she is going for a relative’s birthday. Her parents are of course freaked out. They follow her to America. She gets to the hotel and goes to meet with Granger, the man at the other end of the line. She gets scared so she decides not to approach him. The next day as she is about to checkout and go home, they run in to each other. He accidentally hits her and that leads them to talking and having lunch. He is not aware of who she is, he only knows she is from India and she is here for a vacation. He introduces her to Mr. Hulk; she gets the best room and service on his order. They end up liking each other and she helps him with his idea for the commercial.

After a couple of days she had to go to her cousins birthday and ganger drives her there. They say their good byes and she gets in the house. Her parents were in the house, they are aware of why she was in America and they have been searching for her. Granger starts driving off and he realizes that...

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