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Literature permits society to grasp the ideology of a certain time period in which specific works were wrote. Individuals have the ability to grasp the feelings of depth that each author provoked through their works in whichever time it was written. Also, through the reactions of the critics and commentators one has access to the opinions of the general population. Regardless of how much the world around it changes, the nature and purpose of literature will not be altered.
“I love him that's plain, I love him, I love him. ... That love is a stone round my neck; I'm going with it to the bottom, but I love that stone and can't live without it.” (Chekhov, The Cherry Orchard). This statement, made by an obvious romantic, Lubov, allows the audience to clearly define just what Romanticism really is. Being a romantic in the late 1800’s meant more than to love abundantly, it meant to live for love.
The argument of Realism and Romanticism occurred very often between multiple characters in many popular plays during the very beginning of the Realism period. An example could be found in the play Ghosts, by Henrik Ibsen.
Mrs.Alving: But what about the truth?
Manders: But what about the ideals?
Often we relate truths with being ideal, but in this play specifically, illusion relates better to ideals. The fact of the matter is how transparent the realists authors, such as Ibsen, were with their opinions in their writings.
Literature was not the only thing that took a spin during the Realism Movement. Although, many often forget, music changed a great deal as well through the Realism Movement. Each transition in society has and will continue to affect music and its composers. Narrowing in on Russian music, there are many composers whose careers and lives were adjusted ascribed to the change. For example, there were composers that had just begun their careers and used the Realism movement as their push. On the other hand, there were composers who were well into their music careers but began to express themselves in a different manner due to the change.
There were countless things that the Realism movement affected. Amongst those things were music and literature. As centuries passed and time changed so did the works of art that the people created during the movement. Those works of art are still, to this day, assisting people to understand just what happened and how. Realism transformed literature and music throughout many centuries by focusing on actual issues rather than the romantics, whose life was centered around emotional matters.
Often times in today’s society, individuals speak on how love is blinding or how it could cause ones to walk in the wrong direction. Consider though, an entire population who no longer cared for their well being half as much as they cared for having a partner in marriage. In fewer words that is what the Romanticism period consisted of.
Reflecting back on the details of human history, a great portion of the world had a...

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