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On The Road To Talent Shows And Singing Gigs

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The past two years has been a crazy roller-coaster ride for me. To have seen and been to places that I can only dream of.
I should be kissing the ground with every last step that I took to cherish memories,and moments like these.Every school year
I listen to teachers telling students "Where do you see yourself 10 years from now or the near future " and the first answer
that would pop out blasting through my mind communicating with the pen in my hand to write down on the paper staring
back at me is " In the future I see myself in stage-lights shinning right back at me. I see myself as a graduate student in nursing and a succesful singer.
" Some say " Jenny ...view middle of the document...

It was a wild
experience for me I had to stand in line for 8 hours outside the venue with the thousands who came to get a shot at the gold in the cold.The tempatue that day
had my fingers screaming but I was not about to turn back and stop there.I waited my 8 hours just to get the earliest seating tickets as possible to audition.I had
the chance to meet so many wonderful people that day. As registration day closes, audition day approaches. On April 25,2013 "I Jennifer Severe" Could not believe
what my eyes was seeing and what my ears was hearing,never in a million years would I ever known I was so close to reaching a goal I have set since the age of
3 and that was being on a show one day. I had the chance to sing my heart out into making it into winners circle by recieving the golden ticket of completion
of round one at the open call auditions,but the journey did not stop there because little did I know there was going to be a second audition the nect day. So as
I make way down winners circle waving my ticket in the air feeling the 15-minute of fame while the other hopefuls cheered me on, I had to wait in line again to
sign a contract, I signed my first ever contract ! That was a big step for me to learn how the process of signing a contract and following the rules work, I was told
to not post anything about the open -calls on media websites or personal until september of 2013.To cut the process short I made way to audition for the second
audition and the ruby ticket was handed to me, Now thereon the process got real, the staff members had to make sure the cameras were rolling, and that
each ruby ticket holder had a sticker with the X-factor labeled on it with the assigned number to audition for the senior exective proudecers (Round 3), I had to get my
picture taken and sign another contract. While signing the second contract the staff handed to me a story packet for the show, I had the moment to share my story to the world,
but its too bad I didn't get a spotlight on tv. I really could not believe that I had beat out 3 rounds at the open call auditions, The final audition was in a room with a camera and the
senior producers of the show, Thereon I was asked so many questions, All I know is the next time I audition for a show will prepare myself for the interview
round, because it's a pretty scary procedure after a long protracted day , with having to follow everything a staff member has assigned you to do, any little
embrassing move you made, would have probably ended up on tv. This was my crazy experience at the X-factor open-call auditions, If I had a chance to audition
again I would do it 100 more times 20, just because how well put and organized it was,and how well the producers and staff treated everyone as family instead
of people fighting for a dream.The people of Long Island were just as amazing as the audition itselfs,everyone came together and helped each other out as one,
and was not afraid to let you know that you have talent.I...

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