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On The Sidewalk Bleeding By Evan Hunter, The Hunger Games By Susan Collins

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When you are growing up your surroundings influence the choices you make and how you grow up. The four text I studied are a short story “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” written by Evan Hunter, a novel “The Hunger Games” by Susan Collins, a film “Remember the Titans” directed by Jerry Bruckheimer and lyrics composed by Cat Stevens. These four texts express the theme of “how surroundings can influence your choices when growing up”
In the short story ‘On the Sidewalk Bleeding’, the character Andy displays the theme of “how surroundings can influence your choices when growing up” as he is influenced by his upbringing to join a gang called the Royals. At the start of the story Andy reminisces about ...view middle of the document...

The son’s experiences before this make him think he has to go away, because he was denied by his father during his upbringing. This over rights how the father is trying to influence him to stay. The son feels out of place, this is similar to how Andy felt unaccepted, so to gain acceptance Andy joined the Royals. Both Andy’s and the son’s surroundings influenced their choices of moving away or joining a gang which both relate back to the theme.
In the Hunger Games by Susan Collins, the theme of “how surroundings can influence your choices when growing up” is shown through the character Katniss Everdeen. She was raised in a very poor society called districted 12 which is one of the many districts ruled by the capital. When Katniss is only 12 years old her father dies in a mining accident, her mother goes into shock and barely moves for months “I lost two parents that day” Katniss thought. She had to take charge so she began cooking, hunting and trading to keep the family alive. Like the “Son”, Katniss’s upbringing is influenced by her surroundings. But instead of running away from her troubles she faces them and overcomes her fears so she can provide for her family, such as venturing into the hub (black market trading). Katniss was able to support her family because her father had taught her how to hunt and provide for the family if it was ever needed. This novel showed how your surroundings influence your fight for survival and getting...

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