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On Vagueness Of The English Language And A Proposal To Remove It.

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A problem long plaguing the English language, and all spoken communication for that matter, has been the ambiguity between one's own understanding of what they are talking about as opposed to another party's own understanding of the same terms or concepts. There is no way to fully impart your thoughts to another and know for certain that the complete concept was received. The mere act of speaking instantly changes the idea as soon as it is translated through the others ears and matched to their own meanings to the words. This is in no doubt felt the greatest in relationships and marriages. Therefore a change is needed in the way of not only thinking about the terms of love, but of expressing them.

I propose that all personal exchanges between a couple or family in terms of love, caring and promises be done through the means of chat-speak in the form of text messages, forum posts or instant messaging. No longer will a woman be fooled by the implications of a man's words of love and promises to the future of togetherness. Instead, she will have an electronic record of the statement using a clear, concise lexicon that is already implemented in our vernacular today. In fact, it is so concise that many phrases and terms are already reduced to a single letter or number and used in small combinations of both. “I love you” said at various times will imply and effect the others feelings in different ways depending on surroundings or situations. However, a simple “143”; the abbreviation for “I love you” based off the keys of the phone corresponding to the first letter of each word, lets them know that you care a great deal about that person, without implying that you want to take care of them or be with them for the rest of their natural lives. What is said by one person is often misunderstood and the wrong value of meaning is associated with the words which tends to result in feelings of resentment towards the other person. As both parties see the other as being unreasonable or not following through in their promises, anger becomes the only recourse. Relying upon chat-speak and its limited yet useful vocabulary will alleviate a great many problems within our culture today. Speaking will never be fully phased out, nor should it. However, it will be come more useful with the purpose of the English language shifting more towards utility and action. “Pass the salt” need not be texted at the dinner table. Speaking with your loved ones will still be greatly encouraged as well as relied upon. However, when a mother is proud of her son for completing the writing assignment on time, a text with a “:-)” will mean more to the child than his mother actually mouthing the words. For how does the child know the meaning of “proud” as his mother does? Do her experiences in life not add more meaning to her understanding of the word, and doesn't the child's...

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