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Once A Peasant, Always A Peasant

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Feudalism was a way in which the different social classes were organized in Europe during the middle ages. (“History Learning Site”). There were four basic classes you could be classified in. The king was considered to be the highest class one could be. Under the king was the barons then the Knights, and the lowest class you could be placed in, were the peasants. Feudalism began with William the first. (Western Reserve Public Media).
William I, the conqueror, introduced the Feudal System to England following the invasion and conquest of the country. During the years of the Roman Empire the soldiers protected the poor people. When the Empire fell there was no longer laws to control the land ...view middle of the document...

(“How Stuff Works”).
The baron’s were below the king and leased land from the king called manors. Since the Barons were just below the King they were very wealthy, powerful and had complete control of the land they leased. When the barons would lease land from the King they had to swear on an oath to remain faithful to the king at all times. The barons served on a royal council, pay rent and have the Knights protect the King. The King had the barons keep the land they wanted to use and then divided the rest of it up among the next class, called the Knights. When the barons leased land from the king it was called a manor, and the barons were known as the lord of the manor. When the barons leased land to the knight’s they could make their own rules for what the knights could and couldn’t do with it. Barons established their own system of justice, minted their own money and set their own taxes. (Medieval life-Feudalism).
The Barons gave the Knights land in return for military services. Knights were one class lower than the Barons they didn’t have nearly the same amount of money or power as the Barons. Barons could tell the Knights what to do with the land they leased. In return for the land Knights had to protect the Barons and his family. They also had to help Protect the manor from attack, once again the Knights would keep the land that they would use and then hand the rest down to the villain’s (Medieval life-Feudalism) The villains were also called peasants or serf’s which ever the preferred to use. In order to be a knight you had to go threw training and you could start training at the age of seven. Knights worked hard to protect the Barons and their family so training was necessary in order to successfully protect the manor and Barons.
The peasants, were like slaves and usually didn’t own and land. If you were a peasant you were in the lowest class and usually never move up into a higher class. When peasants were...

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