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One Act Of The Apostle Paul Sara Vee

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One Act of the Apostle PaulIn Acts 13:1-12 it is easy to see how God can work in a person's life. This story shows us the journey Paul and Barnabas take to Cyprus, the preaching and witnessing they do to the people who come to the synagogues, and the way God shows the governor that he really can do miracles in anyone's life. We see how God is good, but can use evil to punish those who try to deny his word. This message prepares the way for the rest of Paul's journey by helping him see that it is important to show others how much God can do for their lives. Paul learns that things aren't always easy and that it takes some work to get others to believe in God. In order to explore this theme I will discuss the contextual, literary, and historical aspects of this paper.Acts 13 begins in a church at Antioch where prophets and teachers are gathered. Saul and Barnabas were called by God to be set apart and to do work for him. They sailed to Cyprus and headed to different towns to preach the word of God in the synagogues. They met a magician in Paphos who called them over so he could hear the word of God, but he turned everything that Saul and Barnabas said around and made it evil. The magician turned the governor against God, making Saul and Barnabas very angry, so that they asked the Lord to blind him so that the governor so that the governor would believe that God really could do good things. The governor did believe and was amazed at what the Lord could do.This passage is a distinct literary unit because another story about the death of Herod comes before this passage. Hence chapter 13 starts a new section of the book with Paul's first missionary journey. After this passage in verses 13 ff., Paul and his companions traveled to Asia Minor where they encouraged others to be witnesses of God's Word, which starts a new stage of the journey.The book of Acts consists of the work of the apostles and is a continuation of the Gospel according to Luke. Its chief purpose is to tell how Jesus' early followers, led by the Holy Spirit, spread the good news about the Him in Jerusalem, in all of Judea, and Samaria and to all the ends of the earth. It is the story of a Christian movement as it began among the Jewish people. It went on to become a faith for the whole world. An important part of Acts is the activity of the Holy Spirit, who comes with power upon the believers in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost and continues to guide and strengthen the church and its leaders throughout the events reported in the book. The book of Acts is located in the beginning of the New Testament, immediately after the gospels, though like the gospels it deals with the Word of the Lord changing others' lives. Acts 13 relates to its concerns by showing people that God really does change lives, and all one has to do is believe and live his/her life for God. He can and will change your life for the best.The earliest date for the book of Acts is the two year Roman imprisonment of Paul...

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