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Frances- Jane wandered down the sand dunes as the water lingers on her feet. The warm rays of the sun were glaring on her rosy red cheeks and she hoped that somewhere in that endless horizon, she would see Andy. Twenty-five years had passed by and the memories of their short yet magical time together started coming back as she watches the ocean waves. The night they met each other’s eyes is when she knew she found the right one but little did she know that he was the first and last. She closed her eyes and remembered that one and only night, how Andy stroked her hair and how she would smile. She felt the heat in her cheeks meet in the cool ocean breeze. That unforgettable night with Andy was the night she felt she deserved to be loved. She looked up into the colourful calming sky, becoming more emotional as the sun died down. Her arms linked on her daughter’s who was the most beautiful thing that God had given her. Together, they closed their eyes “I miss him too, my darling” Frances- Jane cried.
A dried crusty brown leaf fell upon Frances- Jane. As she walked along the street of her hometown, it was also like having a trip down memory lane. She remembered the time when people used to welcome her with gossip and humiliation. She remembered the morning of December 1918 when she walked into this exact local café shop and heard two old ladies talking about how she was a disgrace to her family. Another moment came across her mind, her parents would lock her up inside their house; they didn’t want her to be seen in public thinking that it would help he. She couldn’t feel the love and support. She remembered when she had to close her eyes and walk away as tears fell down her cheeks. Everything went slow motion and it seemed like time had stopped. Memories kept flashing back.
“You look so much like your father” she thought as she looked at Eliza’s deep brown eyes and her freckles that stood out.
The chilly autumn breeze and the stretch of cloud surrounding the town made her think that above all the things that happened to her, out of all the sadness and suffering from the people she thought would care for her, she had the most precious and beautiful gift from God and that was her daughter.
They entered a small café along the suburban street “Mother, can you tell me...

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