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One Bite At A Time: Similarities And Differences In Eating

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One Bite at a Time: Similarities and Differences in EatingThe human body is capable of changing and growing in different ways for the duration of a person's lifetime. Whether it is growing five inches in one year, winning the spelling bee, or growing relationships with co- workers, people change in more ways than just one. People never stop changing physically, emotionally, intellectually or socially their entire lives. Although everyone changes in different ways and at different times, there are similarities involved too. To portray this idea, I observed how three different females used a fork to eat food. Not only were they all female, but they were all different ages as well. I observed a little girl who was around the age of two or three, a middle aged woman who was around the age of 30 to 35, and an elderly woman who was approximately 80 years of age. The span in age allows one to see the differences in motor development as age progresses.Similarities and differences were evident among the three different age groups regarding the upper body. The child was the most entertaining to watch. The child used her entire right hand to hold and control the fork. According to an article published in the Pediatric Rehabilitation Journal, dexterity and performance increases with age because the arms are used more in the activities of daily living and school activities (Duger et al.,1999). With this being said, holding the fork that way is probably the easiest way for the child to eat due to the lack of fine motor skills not yet developed that are needed to hold a fork properly. A study done by the Psychology Department at the University of Texas believes that little aspects like this are not learned in school, but rather the home (Rhemtulla et al., 2011). This makes sense because most kids know how to hold a utensil the proper way before kindergarten. Due to the way the fork was held, the way of eating was almost like a "shoveling" movement for the child. The arm always brought the food all the way to the mouth. The middle- aged woman, on the other hand, would meet her fork half way by reaching out with her neck to take the bite. In the instance that food would fall from the fork, the child used either hand to pick it up off the seat or table. This is a difference seen between the child and the adult in that the adult used her dominant hand, being the right, to do almost everything from using a fork to salting the food. I found this to be interesting because it shows that maybe the child hasn't picked up on which hand is the dominant one or if she has, she has no problem using the other. The middle- aged woman and the elderly woman both held the fork the same way- with the right hand between the thumb and middle finger with the forefinger supporting. Holding the fork this way gives both the women much more control over it when cutting or picking up food. Neither one of the women stabbed their food like the child did.A big difference between the three...

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