One Body In A World Of A Billion Eyes

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Body image is something that cannot be taken lightly in the modern world, and multiple different things play a big role on this touchy subject. Everyone is under a microscope. “We need to quit giving other people permission to define who we are and what we are worth”(Kirkwood S125). You are too fat. I am not good enough. God she is pretty. I want to be like that. Simple thoughts like these run though peoples minds like a conveyer belt full of let downs. In Larry Kirkwood’s article “An Artist’s Perspective on Body Image, the Media, and Contemporary Society” states that, “Our culture has become obsessed with the image and keeping up appearances, so much that if the image is right, reality ...view middle of the document...

“The typical image being sold as "the ideal" is young, thin, white, and heterosexual”(Kirkwood S127). Today’s society has become overly entertained by the outside appearance of ones body. They do not care about how someone is on the inside, they just want to fix the outside. There is no doubt that today you can just about do anything to a picture with the help of Photoshop, makeup, and other body altering modifications to make some one “ideal”.
Body image can also affect ones self esteem, when someone doesn’t feel like the “ideal” person. In Meghan M. Gillen and Eva S. Lefkowitz’s article “Body Size Perceptions in Racially/Ethnically Diverse Mean and Women: Implications for Body Image and Self-Esteem”, they bring up many fantastic points about how one is judges from the minute they wake up, the time the go out, and the time they are seen by someone else. People are not only being judged by them selves but by other people as well. If one cant feel good about their own body, there is no way that they are going to feel like they can be acceptable looking in someone else’s eyes. Meghan and Eva also state like Kirkwood that, “US society considers a thin body to be ideal for women and a lean and muscular figure to be ideal for man”(Gillen and Lefkowitz 447). People are worried about their appearance when they don’t fit the criteria for what the world thinks a person should look like. “Because these body ideals are difficult to achieve, individuals may feel that others are negatively evaluating them”(Gillen and Lefkowitz 447). The truth is, more people than not do not fit the criteria that everyone thinks the typical American should look like. Gillen and Lefkowitz are conducting a study to see if body size perceptions are vary among men and women in different racial/ethnic groups. They looked at the perceptions the men and women had of their own body, and then what the men and women thought others thought they should be. Gillen and Lefkowitz found that people who lived in cultures and societies where the bigger body style as not frowned upon, but actually accepted had not such a harsh view on their bodies.
The obvious problem among the body image topic, is that people are constantly making comparisons between their body’s and other people’s bodies. it is also mentioned in Gillian and Lefkowitz’s article, that people that have an actual discrepancy of what they think the should look like are more likely to experience dissatisfaction and disappointment with themselves. They also state that people who have a discrepancy between who they want to be and what other people want them to be, can suffer from shame or embarrassment (449). These examples, are also known as body dissatisfaction, the differences between ones apparent size and ones personal perfect size. Women were found to think of themselves as larger then they actually were, and it was discovered that men believed of themselves to be smaller then they actually were, compared to people of their...

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