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One Dream, One Shot Essay

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  Everyone has an American dream, a belief that represents anyone can carry out a higher quality life through hard labor, and finding happiness at the end. These people work their lives to fulfill a dream that seems impossible, but in the end they either succeed or fail. Despite the odds, people still dive into this idea not knowing how it will end. By taking risks in life, they have a higher chance of achieving this dream of theirs. It ultimately shapes their character and spirit. Stopping at no extent, they make sacrifices to meet their main goal. This dream is put to the test in Steinbeck’s novella, Of Mice and Men, which takes place during the Great Depression causing George and Lennie, mentally disabled friend, to have a hopeless American dream. Their dream ultimately shapes their character and spirit, inspiring them to achieving this dream, but others dreams are crushed due to the Great Depression; similarly Steinbeck suggests that the American dream is unattainable due to the time setting, Great Depression.
    George envisions a dream causing Lennie to be manipulated by it. This leads into George believing in the American dream as well. Their dream is to own a farm on a piece of property, own animals, be safe, live in comfort, and find independence. While at the ranch, Lennie explains to George, "An' have rabbits. Go on, George! Tell about what we're gonna have in the garden and about the rabbits in the cages...How I get to tend the rabbits" (14). This quote reveals that Lennie does not see the true American dream, his dream is to simply pet rabbits. While George starts to believe in this dream of theirs, he is not sure how both of them will acquire this American dream. This is why the American dream is put to the test. At the ranch, George describes in deep detail to Lennie, "[a]ll kin's a vegetables in the garden, ... we can sell a few eggs or something, or some milk. We'd jus' live there. We'd belong there… and not sleep in no bunk house" (57). George is caught up into this dream that he can almost feel it on his fingertips. He feels as there will be a chance that the dream may come true because he has his friend, Lennie beside him, who is the main foundation of the dream. Having the American dream planned out all in his head, George can imagine what will happen when they finally accomplish this dream. Lennie allows him to have faith and believe in their American dream. George explains resignedly to Lennie while heading over to get an interview for the job, “ [w]ell-look, we’re gonna work on a ranch like one we come from up weed.” (6). George and Lennie’s American dream control their actions to the point, where they both work on a ranch to gain enough money to buy their farm and accomplish their American dream. If they do not work at the ranch, every hope of achieving their American dream would be crushed. Though it is unclear whether Lennie and George will succeed in their vision, there are others in this novella that have...

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