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One Final Hurrah Essay

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We had been waiting for this day the whole year, counting down the months then weeks; the last day of school. All the finals and tests had passed and it was only one more day until sweet, glorious summer. As an added bonus, it was a minimum day. The majority of the student body took it upon themselves to skip the last day as usual, deeming it unworthy of their attendance, but not me. I saw this final short day as an opportunity to squeeze in some last minute fun with my friends and favorite teachers.It started just as monotonous as the other school days: get up, get dressed, eat, pick up Sarah, etc; but with one lovely difference, no backpack. So, I arrived in my first period class, Wood Sculpting, to the odd sight of a nearly empty shop. There were five of us at most and the duration of the period was spent cleaning out shop lockers, throwing half finished projects in a soon-to-be-bonfire pile, and stick fighting. Another bonus: all these activities earned me extra credit.On to second period, Spanish 2, where I thought I was going to thoroughly enjoy myself due to a hilarious group of friends and a laid-back teacher. To my disheartenment, I discovered that most of them had blown off the last day, too. However, my best friend, Sarah, was present, of course, so I wasn’t troubled for very long. Students started to pour into the small Spanish class before the bell even rang; the teachers’ reputation of having an easy going demeanor was known by the whole school. As the classroom kept filling with the same type of rambunctious, ner’do-wells, my friend and I decided to make our departure. On the last day of school, teachers and administration alike look the other way when it comes to students roaming the halls or scheduled class attendance. So, the halls were inevitably filled with wandering students, and my best friend and I took to the halls instead of our Spanish class. This time was spent walking around in the crisp air, popping in on old teachers, and chatting it up with each other.As third period rolled around Sarah and I were getting a bit tired of walking around and decided to check in on our scheduled classes and take a break to regain our energy; we concluded that my third period, Algebra 2, was a prime choice. The classroom was as empty as a library during Spring Break; we were literally the only two people in there.When the bell rang to signal the shift to fourth period, Sarah and d I shook the post-nap weariness out of us and headed out. We proceeded to check into our classes and concluded that neither one was suitable to stay in. Her fourth period, Earth Science, was near empty and mine, AP English, was much too crowded with the kids we don’t particularly enjoy. So, like Goldilocks, we found the just-right locale: the halls. Once again, we wandered, but, with some excitement this time. All throughout the day there had been talks and whispers of water balloon fights and, well, they proved to be true. While strolling...

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