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One Foundation The Fresh Blood For Chinese Charities

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There was a charity tide which brought upon our sight since 2008 a series of unfortunate disasters: ice disaster, Wenchuan earthquake, Southwest drought, and Yushu earthquake. During the disasters, people have a new acknowledge of charity. Everyone was engaged to make donation and to help people in the disaster. There were many private charity organizations and government charity groups brought up into our daily life. People can see lots of advertisement of varied charity and donation posters. However, One Foundation is the most well-know one in these charity groups. One Foundation impressed people by its philanthropy idea, and strong operation ability. This fresh blood is future for Chinese charity.
One foundation was started by Jet Lee, a super movie star. In 2007, Jet Lee co-operate with Red Cross Society of China to establish the Jet Li One Foundation Project. In 2010, December 3rd, Jet Lee One Foundation was separated from Red Cross of China, and was incorporated in Shenzhen. Then it becomes the first private foundation in China(Jet Li). One Foundation has been focusing on four public domains: environmental protection, education, poverty, and health(Jet Li). One Foundation, a fresh blood, is leading a better way for Chinese charity.
Philanthropy idea is so important for a charity group. One Foundation brought a bright new idea of charity into China: “ One people, one month, one dollar, to love each other, to take care each other, we are a family(One Foundation).” Today the idea of these three one is already spread across country. This idea totally changed the understanding of charity for Chinese comparing with chinese charity in traditional. Traditionally, in china most people thought charity is the rich people donating the money to help poor people or people who need help(About). This fogyish idea has narrowed the development of chinese charity; because the wealthy is always controlled by a small amount of people and these people are not as generous as saint to contributed themselves to help others out. But they did the charity. According to the 2013 last half year financial report of One Foundation, the money donation of wealthy company took a big proportion of total donation(2013). This financial report showed the follow through of One Foundation on last half year of 2013. As we know, the purpose of such companies’ donation is to promote themselves to be a charitable and responsible enterprise. In my mind this is not the real charity. Although I do not like this way to do charity, I can not deny this amount money donated by those company had helped a plenty of people who need help. In my mind a good charity is to engage everyone to participate into the event, to spread the idea of helping people out. The idea of One Foundation is doing a good job on that. These three one idea broke the old situation: people are willing to make donation, when the grim disaster happened. One Foundation promote people to make the...

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