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Throughout this course I have learned about all aspects of project management ranging from start to completion. While reading case studies the same problems came up in each of them, such as projects had been underestimated, delayed start dates, lack of the use of project management principles, and eventually the project would be cancelled. This is not acceptable!!! On several projects billions of taxpayers’ dollars were spent before the projects were even scrapped. Inefficiency and a money hungry society are to blame for it. Businesses bid on projects and intentionally underestimate the cost to complete it which results in potentially low project outcomes. Government should research and properly evaluate any coming offers, even with low bids. Lack of ethics consideration is inappropriate for businesses that intentionally underestimate a bid to get a contract; a contract that is paid for by the ordinary taxpayers that are like you and me.
Ideas for the project start to form and an initial budget proposal is drafted, but then everything stops. Something that is noticeable is the fact that an initial budget from years ago will probably change. This is because $100 dollars now is not the same as it will be in five years. Inflation needs to be taken into account when budgeting for a long-term project. Cost analysis problems tend to lead to failed projects. The Boeing Spy Satellite program is a perfect example because cost estimates of nearly $15 billion more than budget initially proposed killed the project. Cost management is extremely important because if a company can keep costs and completion dates on par it will generate more business by simply being efficient and reasonable in its expectations.
Project management rules and principles need to be incorporated early in order to gain the authority to make decisions. Once the use of PMBOK principles are incorporated, the chances of a project succeeding go up tremendously. That is because a set formal structure to the way each part is done is present and followed from the initial planning stages to the closing part. Depending on the size of the project, the manager can use the experience on previous projects to decide how close to follow certain areas in the PMBOK.
Project management principles can be implemented into virtually all aspects of local government. Of course there probably will not be any major projects in the City of Des Plaines like those we read about, but project management skills are still useful. Our group project was useful because we were creating a new policy. This is something that I had recently done in my position with the City. Recently, I used the work breakdown structures and project schedule to research city sticker prices with neighboring municipalities to determine how to lower our city sticker prices. I developed a scope “find averages prices and compare city code language to lower our prices of city stickers” in my project. During the inception and planning...

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