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A couple named Rick and Sarah live in a small lodge in the backwoods of Alabama. They are your typical family with a son, Troy, and a daughter, Melissa. They all live together, and everyone works except for Melissa who is fourteen.
It was your typical Alabama kind of day. The wind whistling through the trees, birds chirping, bugs humming. Melissa talks to her mom about how Jenifer is a man-stealing, good-for-nothing-jerk in the kitchen while they both get supper ready. A van pulls up in the driveway, startling Rick. The men jump out of the car and pound on his door. Rick waves everyone to go hide and opens the door.
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Do you see this date right here?”
“It says it is for June 1 2077.”
“Clearly this is a mistake.” The wife interjected.
“Listen we could ignore this if it was hundred dollars, maybe even one thousand, but not a million.”
“What should we do?”
“I don’t know, wait until the check is good or contact the person who wrote the check.”
“We have to wait 50 years?” The wife says. The surprised couple crushed.
“Why can’t we take it out now?” The Melissa demands.
“Drop it let’s go.” Rick swiped the postdated check off the counter and left with his family.
A couple years have gone by and the husband took Troy who is now 22, on their annual hunting trip. The leaves were falling from the trees, with coloring the forest floor. Fifteen days of white tail deer hunting were left. The father looked stocky and weathered. Crow’s feet came from his eyes as he squinted because of the breeze. Troy was tall and slender, with dirty blond hair. His rifle came to his waist and He towered over his dad.
They walked half a mile to their tree stand, and waited. Waiting, waiting, talking, waiting, and they started losing hope.
“It’s been three hours, let’s go across the lake.” Troy suggested.
“No, wait another thirty minutes and then we may go.” The dad replied.
“You said that an hour ago.” Troy replied.
“Oh, time flies when having fun, eh son?”
“You are hilarious, let’s go old man.”
They had to across a stream the next site. The lake was only a couple feet deep, glimmering in the noonday sun. Troy sloshed through the stream. He slipped backwards and fell on...

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