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One More Year Essay

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Everyone has one of those nights when you weren’t thinking and you got a DUI because you just had “one drink” and still had an alcohol level that was 0.8 or higher. This is very common with young teens, the thing is, they never learn their lesson after they get their drivers licence taken away by the police or get arrested for a week or so. After some research, a way to stop this has been specifically made for this problem. Every teen/adult would have a personal drinking age on their licence (the legal drinking age or higher). After being caught with a DUI, the teen/adult would have theirs raised. So say the legal age was 21 and they were recently caught with a DUI, their personal ...view middle of the document...

They could even implement a fine into this law so that you can pay a certain amount of money, depending on what the government makes it, to lower their drinking age by a year or so. This would only work if they were already punished with the law, they wouldn’t be able to do it unless it has already been raised. This could also work for parents so that they could raise their child’s age so they could get out of trouble more often, but its just an idea.
Law enforcements say the suspended license is a more effective punishment method than any other method you could do to provoke someone to stop what they are doing, but it is completely guaranteed to be legal. My subject still might have a few flaws in it that would have to with the drinking age being higher or lower in certain states. Also it would probably only be used in America because they use other methods in other countries.
If they would start to enforce this new law, then their would be less drinking/drinking and driving. There might be an...

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