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One New Yorker And Three Pairs Of Eyes

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To call yourself a New Yorker, you can’t just be someone who lives in the state. Being a New Yorker means so much more than what part of the city you live in, what your job is, how much money you make, or what school you go to. All of the small details mean nothing. If they’re the right details, they can mean everything. Colum McCann in “My First New York” and Roxana Saberi in “From Tehran to the B Train” wrote about their experiences in New York and shared a common ground: positivity. However, my experience of New York is different completely different from theirs.
In Roxana Saberi’s “From Tehran to the B train,” her experience in New York is shown through stereotypes, bravery, and toughness. “The mugger flared his nostrils. ‘I just got outta prison. I got no money. Give me yours.’… ‘Well, I was in prison, too. In Iran.’” shows how brave she really was for standing up to him in the way that she did. Her bravery to him also showed that she proved the stereotype of women being these innocent beings that can’t defend themselves because they’re not as tough as men are by one-upping him while she was being mugged. In addition, it also shows how she kept positive because even though I wouldn’t have ever stood up for myself like that to a mugger, unless I had her experience of course, she didn’t panic, or call the cops to help her, or run away from the matter. If she had tried to run away, or called the cops, then her New York experience wouldn’t have been the same nor would she have gone against the stereotypes in the way that she did. Another quote from this reading that best demonstrates her toughness is where she says, “But I handled Tehran, with its traffic, morality police and Evin Prison. I can handle New York City too.” That clearly dictates about how now that she’s experienced what she did while being in an Iranian prison cell, she doesn’t really have anything left to fear, including New York City because no matter how bad something happened to her here, wouldn’t be anywhere near half as bad as what she dealt with over there. When she said that, I think that she used whatever pain she has of being locked in the prison and let it out while standing up to him. Letting out her pain, and not keeping in that negative mentality after her time in prison, the fact that she’s not going to move to someplace new after one bad event, and the fact that she persevered are all positive things she’s done in this reading.
In Colum McCann’s “My First New York,” his experience in New York is shown through negative reinforcement. “It’s a vast mystery to me, like it is to most New Yorkers, how this ugly lovely town became my ugly lovely town, this gorgeous rubbish head of a place, this city of the timeless.” shows how he described New York through negativity but ended up...

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