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One Of A Kind Essay

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Lane was passing out goodie bags and cards that she had made to give to her friends when Joyce sat down at the table. Lane had been working on them all week driving her mom crazy with all the beads and yarn everywhere. Lane loved fashion and she love being creative but Lane’s largest creative export came from creating jewelry. Hand crafted one of a kind and no one could get another one like it unless they came to Lane. Lane was always making her friends things to wear and not cheesy things like plastic friendship bracelets. She made earrings, necklaces and bracelets out of classic glass beads and even crazy things like old tin bottle tops. This time each friend got a simple chain charm ...view middle of the document...

” Lane stated exasperated that her father couldn’t remember the details of numerous stories that began with the same sentiment.
The girls continued to laugh throughout the night about memories and dreams that they were going after. Around 9 o’clock one of the girls suggested they watch one last movie before Lane left the next day and they all got separated. After the movie, I romantic comedy with Ryan Gosling in it that made all the girls laugh so hard that they cried, and four bags of popcorn later the girls began their goodbyes. The girls hugged and made promised to call and video chat. Lane promised to call them after she made to New York and to tell them all what her flat mates were like and what it was like living in Manhattan.
After her friends left, Lane started taking boxes out to her car. She didn’t need the car in New York because of the schools close access to the metro system so after her family drove up over the next two days and helped her move in her car would return home.
“How’s it coming?” Joyce questioned as she entered Lanes nearly vacant bedroom.
“It’s coming. Do you realize how much stuff I have? I mean seriously this is a lot of clothes.” Lane said as she glanced around. “I hate packing so much! I mean seriously why is it that I can’t just snap my fingers and everything will be where it needs to be like in Mary Poppins.”
“It doesn’t work that way sweetie.” Joyce replied with empathy. She hated seeing her daughter leave but she took comfort in knowing that she was chasing her dreams and was so determined to reach them. Lane had worked so hard coming up with designs, creating samples of her clothes and even hosting a runway show at her school for her submission to the Fashion institute. Joyce would miss her daughter and she would always worry about her but she knew that her daughter was doing what was best for her.
After the last box was packed into the car Lane went to bed but she could hardly sleep. She was so excited to see the Bristol sign in the review of her car. She could sleep during the twelve hour car trip anyway.
“Lane! Get up you have one hour until we are leaving!” Lane was awake her mom’s reminder of what the day held was enough to get adrenaline pumping through her veins again. It was happening she was really leaving today, she was enrolled at the New York Fashion Institute and she was moving into her New York apartment today. She was so excited she couldn’t stop smiling. She packed her back pack and got the last of her stuff then ran down the steps to the kitchen to eat some breakfast before she finished getting ready. When she reached the kitchen the smell...

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