One Of America’s Favorite Sports Could Be In Danger

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One of America’s Favorite Sports Could be in Danger
Hockey is one of the most exciting and rapid growing sports. It is fast-paced with tons of action that keeps its fans on their feet. One of the most enticing aspects of the game is the energy the players exert on the ice. Each season the players get bigger and stronger, and become more competitive. This would not be a bad thing, except their force is used to overpower their opponents and has led to an increase in the number of injuries over the years. Each season there are over 1,500 injuries. Too many times these injuries result in severe or life-threatening situations.
There are many injuries that professional hockey players endure, from lower body injuries to head and neck injuries, and everything else in between. CBS Sports keeps an updated injury list of National Hockey League (NHL) players, and after a tally of all the injuries the most common are upper body injuries, lower body injuries, and concussions. Each category has about 30 players listed. In addition, there are a significant number of players out with knee, groin, and shoulder injuries. While there are not as many face, head, and neck injuries, they are just as severe, but less common (CBS Sports).
The most common types of injuries
Lower body injuries include the knee, hip, ankle, foot, and leg. Knee injuries are the most common and are usually the result of a collision with another player or overuse. Hip injuries are the second most common lower body injury. They are very severe and usually require surgery. Ankle and foot injuries are less common, but still severe, and include a sprain or broken bone. Leg injuries occur, but are rare, and typically consist of broken bones or pulled muscles. Because of the number of parts, and the high amount of endurance these parts go through, lower body is one of the most common areas for injury.
Upper body injuries are also very common. The upper body consists of the shoulders, back, elbow, hand, and wrist. The shoulders and back are the most frequent parts to suffer injuries. Shoulders can be dislocated and pulled out of socket. Back injuries are not as familiar; however they are extremely severe and include a shifted vertebra or a pulled muscle. Moreover, the elbow can develop bursitis from constant physical contact. The hand and wrist can suffer sprains or broken bones. Upper body injuries are equally ordinary places for injuries as the lower body.
Equally important is another group of injuries that includes face, head, and neck injuries. These injuries do not happen every day, nevertheless they are very acute. Hits to the mouth could leave a player with missing teeth. There have also been instances when a player’s eyes and ears have been damaged. Out of all injuries, concussions are exceedingly reoccurring to hockey players. Injuries to the face, head, and neck are the most dreadful injuries a player could endure.
Last, but not least, are...

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