One Of The Main Aspects In The Novel Like Water For Chocolate Is Magical

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One of the main aspects in the novel Like Water for Chocolate is magical
realism. The author, Laura Esquivel, uses it to show the main themes

Like Water for Chocolate Commentary

One of the main aspects in the novel Like Water for Chocolate is
magical realism. The author, Laura Esquivel, uses it to show the main
themes in the novel, such as the power of food, and passion. It
exaggerates the important points in the story so that they can be more
easily identified. Foreshadowing can also be shown by using magical
realism. Magical realism also adds humour to the novel, which would
otherwise be a serious story. But most importantly, it allows for the
protagonist, Tita, to express her feeling and memories through the
food that is so central to her life.

Magical realism can be seen throughout the novel, even at the very
beginning. The start of the story shows Tita’s birth in the kitchen
“Tita was literally washed into this world on a great tide of tears
that spilled over the edge of the table and flooded across the kitchen
floor.” This foreshadows all the sorrow that Tita will go through in
her life, and all the tears she will cry. It is also said that the
water dried into “enough salt to fill a ten-pound sack”. This relates
to Tita’s future love of cooking, as salt is used to prepare many
meals. It is also used to preserve food, and this resembles the way
that Tita’s memories are preserved through food and the recipes she
uses. For example when Tita is preparing the 3 Kings’ Day Bread she
remembers her childhood, and how she used to have so little problems
then. “Her biggest worry then was that the Magi never brought her what
she asked for, but instead what Mama Elena thought was best.”

Magical realism is also a way for Tita to express her emotions,
especially when food is involved. When she is baking the wedding cake
she cries into it because Pedro is marrying Rosaura instead of her.
These tears in the wedding cake make everyone feel the sadness she
feels. “The moment they took their first bite of the cake, everyone
was flooded with a great wave of longing.” Every person feels the
pains of a lost love, and the feeling is so great that it makes them
sick. This continues the magical realism, as the vomit so much that
Rosaura was “swept away in a raging, rotting river for several yards;
then she couldn’t hold back any more, and she spewed out great noisy
mouthfuls of vomit, like an erupting volcano, right before Pedro’s
horrified eyes.” In this way Tita is using her control over the food
to her advantage, though it is probably not intentional. She is so
upset over Pedro and Rosaura’s marriage that her tears in the cake
make everyone sick, ruining the wedding for Rosaura as punishment for
her marrying Pedro. In reality, this could never happen, but through
magical realism we can see the intense longing that Tita feels, and
her anger against Rosaura. It is also a fairly comical image of a
woman in a...

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