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One Of Sir John Sucklings Best Poems "Song" And How It Is Typical Of The Calvalier Style Of British Literature

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John Suckling is perhaps one of the greatest examples of a great 17thcentury English poet. His cavalier style of writing is renowned for it for its carefree style and use of love and life as most cavaliers wrote about. Many of his poems have become famous, and are still read, analyzed and praised even today. When looking at his literature and glancing through his poems, sonnets, and pamphlets there is one that surely cannot be overlooked. His poem titled Song, a masterpiece on Love, thorough its tone, meaning, and form is one of the best examples of the Cavalier style in existence.Sir John Sucklings' poem song, has a very carefree and "go with the flow" attitude typical of a 17th century cavalier. The poem also has a light tone, which emphasizes a cavalier's beliefs. Suckling bases his poem on the mysteries of love, and how he cannot figure it out. The tone starts out quite serious. He is angry a woman for not answering his love. Suckling appears to be hurt, and confused by love. However he then erases any thought of bitterness towards love and life continuing to say is not entirely important, and that life is to short to dwell on one love and he is asking simply for his heart back, in order to move on. He has given up his care for the woman and for the troubles she has caused, rather than to write about how much he misses love. This in a way creates a feeling and tone of artificiality, a tone often expressed by Suckling. "Then Farewell Care, And Farewell Woe." This recurring theme emphasizes the need to move on in life, and how life can find joy even from a sad situation.Suckling's opening line quotes "I prithee send me back my heart, since I cannot have thine" The line jumps right into its meaning. He states how he is so in love with a girl that he cannot stand it. This is ironic because as the cavalier attitude states, if one cannot have a girl, there is a hundred other who can take her place. "Sir John Suckling's poem illustrates how love was more of a game for gentlemen to play without losing their hearts or noble poise." (Morris) "The Cavalier poets wrote that if a lack of love is present, a...

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