One Of The Asian Giants: South Korea

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South Korea is one the four Asian Tigers with fastest economic growth. Seoul, the capital of it is a megacity with a population of more than 10 million,

Social and Cultural Aspect
As the capital city of South Korea, Seoul is the center of social and cultural activities. Software and hardware element of Seoul shows the unique characteristics of Koreans. The software element includes modern values, local cultures. And the hardware element of the city includes historical architecture, technological advanced infrastructures and airport facilities.

Software of Seoul
Food Culture
Talking about the culture of Seoul, a table of traditional Korean national side dishes, Kimchi (김치), must be the first thing surprise visitors. Kimchi is often made of seasoned vegetables that fermented in jar underground and taste spicy and sour. Regarding the origin of kimchi, it is believed that for the reason of food security in the long cold winter, Korean start to develop methods in pickling vegetables, especially for cabbages that are widely grown throughout the country, as early as in the 7th century. But not until the 18th century, after the Japanese invasion which imported red chili pepper into Korean peninsula, this new spicy ingredient became the soul of kimchi. Besides kimchi, there are still a variety of Korean dish that represent the culture of Korea, for instance, Soju (韓國燒酒) which is cheaper than water, Ginseng (人蔘), Bibimbap (石鍋飯) and Live octopus.

Another cultural element that Seoul amaze the world in the 21st century is her entertainment industry, K-pop, which highly emphasized on audiovisual performance and a bit of mix with western music. People love k-pop even if they cannot understand Korean. From songs to TV episodes to movies, k-pop spread over the world, famous singers like Psy and G.Dragon; popular boys and girls bands like Super Junior and Girls’ Generation; and TV episode “My Love from the Star” (來自星星的你) now in demand. All these artists are shaping the world trend.

Continuous Creativity and Innovation
Another impression of Korea cultures are their creativity and innovation. The leading global electronic companies are born in Seoul. The famous brands are LG, Sony and Samsung which shows the domination in global smartphone marketplace. These leading electronic companies usually launch the new and latest version of smartphone in the global market. The continuous innovation reflects the personal traits of Koreans. All these high tech products feed the needs of the people in globes.

Plastic Surgery
People will be aware of enormous popularity of plastic surgery in South Korea. No matter celebrity and general public. According to an article generated by 2012 (WHITELOCKS, 2012), about 1/5 of population has been undergoing plastic surgery. In modern female women perspectives, beauty is not only gratification. But a degree of status in contemporary Korean society. It is believed that first impression makes the lasting...

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