One Place I Would Like To Visit On A Class Trip

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One Place I Would Like to Visit on a Class Trip

New York City is the one place I would very much like to visit on our next class trip.
New York City is very large and has lots of exciting and educational activities, such as
going to the theater, museums, landmarks and shopping. New York City is located in the
state of New York, only 30 minutes to Newark Airport in New Jersey. It makes a perfect
place for a class trip. The tourist season runs the entire year, making visiting time

New York City is usually packed with people making the city look very overcrowded.
Often there are so many people on the sidewalks you have to walk in the street. People
are walking in every direction. You will even see horses and buggies waiting to pick up
tourist for a tour of the city,. The place looks very congested, and it doesn?t look like
such an enjoyable class trip spot at first, but with a little bit of the spirit of adventure
there is tons of things to see.

New York City has beautiful skyscrapers.
One unique place, the Twin Towers, is very neat. It towers above all the other buildings.
It has an elevator that can take you up over 100 stories in about three minutes. When you
reach the top there is an observation area where you can see the entire city and
surrounding islands. One of the other interesting places in the Intrepid. The Intrepid is an
actual retired aircraft carrier. It is now open to the public for a small fee. The Intrepid has
been left the same as it was while in active duty, so you can observe original aircraft
carrier weapons and equipment. We could walk from the Twin Towers to the Intrepid, as
they are both located in the lower part of New York City.. We could make the walk in
less than a half-hour. Another day we can go to the Museum of Natural History, where
among other things, there are real dinosaur bones.

New York City has lots of activities to do at night also. It doesn?t have to be strictly
educational, we can take in some fun entertainment too. There is Caroline?s Comedy
Club on Broadway, which features different well-known comedian?s every night of the
week. There are movie theaters that have 25 different movies at a time. There is also
laser tag.

Laser tag is very exciting and fun. The place that I would suggest is in the Times
Square area. They have a lot of equipment and a large playing area. The workers there
are very friendly and helpful to their visitors. The game is played in two parts. You play
for about 10 minutes against another team, take a break, then play for another 10
minuets. When you?re through, you can either go on to the game room, which has
everything imaginable, or you can sign up again for another laser session.

Another interesting activity New York City has to offer is the Big Apple
Double-decker Tour. First, the tour bus takes you to the lower part of New York City,
where you will see the business area. An interesting part of that area is Wall Street,

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