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One Project, Two Scientists Essay

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Blake was on his way to work on a lovely Monday morning. The fresh spring breeze was blowing through the trees and the smell of flowers was floating around him. The sun slightly broke through the clouds and the wind tickled his neck and moved his long and thick brown hair. To the right were long and grey buildings that all had identical blue solar panels, and on the left, there was the road on which all the electric cars would travel. Everything had changed since the Fourth World War. His small Swedish town, Höganäs, had changed for the better. Although there was not much food left, the people seemed happier and the days seemed brighter. The atmosphere was calmer, clearer.
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When Blake arrived at his work, he saluted Paul, the robot at the gate. Paul then proceeded by scanning his eye in the security scanner and walked through the tunnel to his office to go see Lucy and hopefully start the project. This tunnel was not like any other tunnel. On the sides of it, there were realistic holograms which showed, to the individuals who passed through, a preview of what awaits them in the future. Nobody liked going through that tunnel because of the superior forces that would enter their heads and started digging, and looking for information about the individual’s life and actions. It would also show dramatic events that may happen and sometimes it would even give the preview of someone’s death. This is a project that Molly, another scientist had created for fun. When she passed away after stepping on a grenade, Blake and Lucy decided to keep it to owner her; it showed how much they appreciated her, even if she was not present.
As Blake finally stepped out of the tunnel, he put his yellow neon jacket on the coat hanger and placed his camouflage shoes underneath. He then walked up the stairs, which always smelled like Javex mixed with Pinesol because he cleaned the staircase every day. Upon arriving at the top of the stairs, he looked at Lucy with a piercing stare because she was blasting some Justin Bieber music in the laboratory. Blake could not believe that Lucy was still listening to Justin Bieber’s music even after he had driven drunk and killed three squirrels, and only saying “swag” when asked to make an official statement. He then ignored that his coworker was listening to terrible music even in the year 2084 and he went to talk with her about serious business.
“Is there any progress with the project Lucy?”
“A hello would be swell when you start talking to someone! And yes, I just finished it this morning, I changed it a little and I made it easier to access for all the humans. It will be a big success.”
“Are you pissing in my cornflakes? You finished without me? I wanted to finish it too and you know it.”
“Yeah, of course I finished, why would I wait for you? You are just a nuisance” She said with a big smile on her face.
“Ah, I...

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