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Religion is justified as a belief or worship in a higher power; each of the five bases (Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam) is the founder of every religion ever documented. Each is contrastive but show characteristics of a similar origin, thus implying the theory of one true religion. The first religion began around circa 4000 BC in Egypt through the religious practices of the Egyptian people. Their ideology of the universe became the basis of the religion Hinduism, and then followed a rush of nascent religions that developed into the individualization of the five main sects. There are three main points that justify the theology of one true religion, but are controversial due ...view middle of the document...

The statements in the Quran, Bible, and Tanakh all share similar events and times that make the basis of the three religions almost identical.
The five bases are not only homogeneous in origin but also the ideology resembles that of each other. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity all believe in one deity, Hinduism has multiple deities, and Buddhism has none but they all believe in a higher controlling power. “ The description of Paradise which the Muttaqoon have been promised is that in it are rivers of water, the taste and smell of which are never changed. Rivers of milk the taste of which will remain unchanged. Rivers of wine that will be delicious to those who drink from it and rivers of clear, pure honey. For them will be every kind of fruit and forgiveness form their Lord,”(Qu’ran 47: 15) The five sects also believe in an elaborate afterlife or “Heaven”. The Buddhism and Hinduism religions put emphasis on living a non-materialistic life and finding peace that will lead a devote follower to the afterlife. All of the religions believe that one needs to reach a sort of “holiness” or “enlightenment” to be admitted to the afterlife, whether that is through forgiveness or levels of progress. The bases of the religions believe in same set of ideals that lead to a higher power and an enlightened state.
A common factor found among the different spiritual paths is mentioning of man’s misery. “Hikka (sound of hiccup) when heard from east: great results, south-east: sorrow and anxiety, south: loss, south-west: sorrow and anxiety, west: sumptuous feast, north-west: money, north: quarrel.” (Vedas 1.60 15-17) It is a reoccurring issue expressed in every religion. Misery is expressed as the reason for man’s troubles and can only be fixed through enlightenment. Although each sect says different ways on conquering misery the end result is paradise or “Heaven”....

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