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One Same Bloodline Essay

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All the people in this world came from one same ancestor. Our ancestor inheriting and that process still keep on going until this second. Over the time, our ancestor was successfully traveled around the world and has spread out to every single place in the world. Along with the factors of climate and environmental change, our ancestor’s physical appearances had changed and it is the reason why there are countless number of races, languages and ethnics in this world. Thus, diversity in this world is inevitable. For example, in East Asia, South Korean people, Japanese people, and Chinese people are similar in their physical appearances, but they have totally different languages and cultures. ...view middle of the document...

S. and start to use English as their main language, the children of the family never learn and use the Vietnamese language because people around them only use English, by the time, the descendant of the family will not be able to speak Vietnamese anymore.
Basically, everyone is the part of his or her own family, whether it’s biological, adoptive, or a self-made circle. Family is the closest relation to someone because it’s a place where human can rely and depend on. Some people say that the definition of a family is no longer as a family in general, which as we know in general as a group that consisting of parents and their children. Nowadays, there is a trend about new family definition. According to the, “The survey examined seven societal trends: more unmarried couples raising children; more gay and lesbian couples raising children; more single women having children without a male partner to help raise them; more people living together without getting married; more mothers of young children working outside the home; and more women not ever having children.” Family is not just a group of people with a mother and a father with children. Family is a group of people that love one another no matter what and care for each other because human will never stop caring for the people they love. There is no way of being a human without a family or without people that we love in this life.
There are countless human’s stories in this world as the human population always increasing every second. For example, I am from Indonesia but my grandfather was from China. My Chinese grandfather moved to Indonesia and married to my grandmother, who was born in Indonesia. It’s a simple example of how human beings doing mobilization and inheriting. Another example, when I went to the elementary school for the first time, my mother recognized some of my friends because they are my distant relatives. By the time, I can assume that everyone in this world is related each other whether it’s close or distant relatives. However, there are people who are not lucky enough to have a family. For those unlucky people, if there are persons who are always caring and always be there for them unconditionally, it is a family for them. Actually, people who have a family are not always luckier than those...

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