One Sided Love Essay

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The story was written by John Steinbeck by the name “The Chrysanthemums”. The story takes a place on a farm in December 1938. The story is based on three characters: Elisa, her husband Henry, and the tinker. Elisa was 35 years old and was married to Henry. She was a hard workingwoman on a farm. It was a virile occupation, compared with her husband who was a businessman. Their relationship wasn’t normal. He didn’t see her as a lady, due to her unattractive appearance. One day the tinker passed by her house, and changed her life. The tinker caused her to confirm her femininity.
     The tinker made her laugh by his stories, and reflect her. He was curious about her chrysanthemums, and complimented her for her work. Her husband never realized nor was interested in her talent. She explained the tinker how to grow the Chrysanthemums successfully. “Her eyes shone” she tore off the battered hat and “shook out her dark pretty hair”. After awhile, she offered him a flowerpot to take along with him. The tinker was glad to get the seeds in the pot, although it was not what he wished for. Now, she did not care about her gloves from her excitement. She used her strong fingers to fill up the pot with soil. “Her face was tight with eagerness”, when she looked at him.” Her breast swelled passionately”. After the tinker left she whispered: “that’s a bright direction, there’s a glow in there”.
     Elisa felt disgraced about her self so, she turned and ran into...

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1000 words - 4 pages mocks, pity me not" Rosalind was angry by Phebe's actions and barged into their argument and said that Silvius is silly and Phebe does not deserve someone as good as him. The funny thing in this relationship was not just the one sided love between the two but also Phebe in return, also fell in love with Rosalind's disguise who scorned her the same way as she had humiliated Silvius. I think it is like a payment for her for not accepting Silvius

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947 words - 4 pages causes of violence: hatred, family feud, disloyalty, etc. But love, unlike the common perception, can easily lead to violence among groups of people. Love is represented as a two sided thing, both a wonderful experience or one filled with tear and sweat. It can kill a person as fast as hate, but leaving the victim unknown of its presence. In this play, Romeo and Juliet both yielded under the impulse of suicide. Romeo, threatening Friar Lawrence

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1204 words - 5 pages well as having similar values, interests, personality, race, and social class. This is seen in friendships and romantic relationships (Feenstra, 2013).One sided relationships are considered an inequitable relationship; meaning one of the individuals is always the giving and the other is the receiving, never giving. This type of relationship can cause distress for the giver, as they are under-benefited and unhappy. According to Feenstra "equity

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1238 words - 5 pages still couldn't find complete peace in himself. Again, Siddhartha recognized him instantly, but because Siddhartha changed a lot, he couldn't recognize him till Siddhartha gave him a hint. Siddhartha says to him words is always one-sided, but the world itself is never one-sided. Because of that, nobody can learn from teaching. Things are never one-sided because there is no such thing as time. You can't divide the thing into past and future without

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