One Small Pill For Womankind: One Big Dose For The U.S.

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Gregory Goodwin Pincus created the birth control pill stimulating a new tidal wave of women's rights movements. From one small pill, new channels that had been dammed down to a trickle became a mighty flood again. With the ability to prevent pregnancy without risking a dangerous abortion women found the strength to fight against male-dominated areas that were still left untouched from the first series of movements by their predecessors. From how long they stayed in the workforce to the freedom of their sexuality to changing laws and stepping up for their rights, women came alive again with renewed ferocity.
Women and the workforce met in few places, for only brief time and very rarely in the general public eye. If seen in the public eye they were with their male counterpart, their husbands or fathers. In the 1960s because it was legal and acceptable within society, companies openly discriminated against women based on their sex. “In 1961 there were 454 federal civil-service-job categories for college graduates, and more than 200 of them were restricted to male candidates” (Collin 7).
Women were not doctors, if they were so inclined even after counseling they were advised and directed to towards taking a position as pediatrician. They were not lawyers and even those that were legally lawyers infrequently practiced because of the extreme lack of hiring firms, instead they would become clerks and secretaries. Their jobs only consisted of labor, only if a farmer's wife or daughter (Collin 6) or when the country was at war and all the men were unavailable and not wanting for the position. “There was, for all practical purposes, a national consensus that women could not be airplane pilots, firefights, television news anchors, carpenters, movie directors, or CEOs” (Collin 8). Women were nurses, teachers, secretaries, clerks, seamstresses, house cleaners, stewardess and housewives or anything else that was deemed fit as a supportive role by the male-dominated employment scene and society.
It is possible that the data also reflect choices that women themselves are making. A study conducted in the mid1970s by the Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin, with the assistance of the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, lends support to the hypothesis that the job priorities of married women are not the same as those of married men.
The study showed that single men and single women are about equally successful in the extent to which they exploit their earnings capacity (68 percent for single men, 64 percent for single women). However, whereas married men of working age exploit 87 percent of their earnings capacity, married women exploit only 33 percent. Thus, according to the study, married men are more than twice as successful in realizing their financial potential as married women are. (Guilder)

According to the U.S. Census of 1950, the United States' aggregated population was 154,233,234 (1950 Census)...

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