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Humans adapted to everyday situations. If they are in unfamiliar environment, our mind will switch to a survival mode. Corporations had the same instinct; it’s their job to make a profit and make the customers happy. When I read “Nestle’: Sustainable Agriculture Initiative”, the stakeholders played a central point on how the company found a solution to SAIN (Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Nestle) to make the company more profitable.
The three main stakeholders in this report are Nestlé Corporation, farmers and the consumers. All three elements depend on each other to make the company more profitable and dependable.
Nestle’ was founded in the 1860, by a doctor who create a formula ...view middle of the document...

For an effect solution to improved their long-term supply of quality raw materials and necessary products. Nestle moved into the agribusiness section of farming. This saved the company millions of dollars. Furthermore, the farmers continue growing and cultivating their products. As a result, Nestle got the fresh ingredients and provided the farmers with new information on how to grow the perfect croups. Basically, Nestles got rid of the middleman and bought their supplies directly from the farmers.
The whole set up reminds me of the time, when I lived in Japan. Japan’s economy is based on the “middle Man” system, who delivers the goods to all the markets. The middle man gets a percentage for delivering, thus the stores has to recover the funds by raising the price by 20%.
There was a grocery store called Super Onsen, the owner eliminated the middle man and bought the vegetables directly from the farmers and passed on the saving to his customers. On the weekend, the store was jam packed with customers from other cities. He knew people would come from other parts of the town, just to save a few dollars. As a result, nearby stores had to reduce their prices just to...

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