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One Step Closer To The Dream

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Place of travel: Los Angeles, California
Significant of the place: This place is where many people find opportunities for their future. People want to find out what they are going to do the rest of their life and with a big place like Los Angeles there will be a place for a person. People seem to find their passion when they move into a city of their dreams. Many people’s dream is to go to the big city and in search for opportunities. Everyone seems to know about California and the most popular city is LA. Many people travel their and many celebrities live there. In California, it seems that they believe that they could become famous or even make a lot of money. The American dream is to have money, a family, and a place in life. Many people believe that their place in life could be found in California. With such a big place so many jobs in the city there are so many choices a person could choose to do. In California, with the diversity of the people it is a place where you can’t be judged. A person can be themselves and cannot be judged because how everyone there is different.

It was the first day of July and the temperatures in the U.S. averaged seventy degrees. In California, the Californians have fun in the beach; spend times with friends and family. People relax in the sun and just have a good time. This is the city where opportunities and dreams are made. While there are beaches and smiling faces, it covers up the traffic causes many workers to be late and many horns to honk. The anger in the workers who know they’re late complains. Many new people come to California and try to achieve the dream and their goals. Everyone is trying to achieve his or her American dream and that is exactly fiver travelers in an airport to Los Angeles is trying to do. The five travelers are the people who are trying to travel there to find their opportunity in California and achieve their dream. They are trying to find their place in life but each of their reasons is very different. In the Central Wisconsin Airport, they all are waiting for their flight that has just been canceled because the airplane has had a problem with its wing. The airlines are fixing the plane for the time being and they must wait for three hours to five hours at the airport. All the other flights are booked and no one is able to travel on a different plane. The five people are the college student, the math teacher, the new music artist, the scientist, and the restaurant owner. The college student who wears polo and khakis sits reading his book while waiting for the flight. He was a tall boy about six feet. He wore glasses and had freckles on his face. He seems stressed about something and even worried. He recently gotten accepted into the UCLA and despite this being a great accomplishment, he is still worried about that he won’t fit in, he won’t do good in the classes, and he won’t graduate college. He is traveling to Los Angeles because that is the location of...

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