A Step Forward To A Cleaner Life

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Kentucky, the horse capital of the world, is like no other place. Our land and life is surrounded by vegetation and wildlife. What would happen if its own people destroyed our beautiful state? Our water could become dirty, contaminated, and harmful because of our lack of work to keep water clean. Pollution is one of the biggest problems damaging Kentucky’s water supply.
Today in our world only 1% of our water is fresh usable water. Each year that 1% could become smaller and smaller . Our responsibility is to keep our state and each other healthy. First we must know what problems we are dealing with. What dilemmas are hurting our water? One issue affecting our water is hydraulic fracking. This process involves injecting sand, chemicals, and water into the ground to create fractures which allow gas and fluids to be pumped to the surface. Drinking water has been contaminated by chemicals released from fracking which is a major concern in Kentucky.
Strip mining is also a complication of water pollution due to the large industry of coal here in Kentucky. Strip mining is where rock and dirt are removed from a mountain top to extract coal. Displacing the rock and dirt cause the contamination of streams, rivers, and land. Arsenic and lead leach into the groundwater through the process of cleaning the coal. The residue of these toxins and water contamination has not only created a serious health threat, but also increased cancer rates.
According to Mr. Jamie Courtney, a member of The Friends of Stoner Creek, one of the largest problems polluting the waters of Paris, Kentucky is the runoff from animal waste and septic system pipes designed to dump waste into the water. Nonpoint source pollution is the largest cause of Kentucky’s contaminated water. In the U.S.A there are about 1.2 trillion gallons of sewage waste, industrial waste, and stemware dumped into our waters annually. How can we take action to restore our water?
Informing and taking action are two vital sources in changing our world. One way is to dispose of hazardous objects correctly. Keep oil, paints, and...

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