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Smiles and Metaphors in “Thousand Pieces of Gold”
Everyone knows that we use metaphors and simile every day of our lives. As we try to picture in our minds a good metaphor or simile makes connection allow us to see something in a new way. For example, using “The crowd was an angry beast” makes your conversation more efficient than just saying “The crowd was really angry”. Like us, many authors use these literary devices to make proficient illustrations of their words. Authors describe the person or situation by compare their characters to something popular, like animals and define them on another level. RuThAnne Lum McCum is one in those authors. He is really successful in using similes and ...view middle of the document...

He states that this kind of birds “sometimes singly, sometimes in pairs, they stood absolutely, motionless on the rocks at the edge of the Salomon, waiting to regain their strength.” And like the bird, Polly is really sad and hopeless after the person she loves the most died. “She remained standing, stock still” (274) and recalls he moments when Charlie’s still alive. But then she realizes that she has to stand up and be stronger because form now on she has to do everything without him. And like the bird, “always, no matter how tired and flattering… it was… the bird pressed inexorably back into flight.” (274). the reader understands how sad Polly is right now, she will live every day in the rest of her life without her lover. However, the reader also fee respect for Polly’s fortitude. She choose to be stronger and standing up rather than being depressed and “falling down”.
In Thousand Pieces of Gold, RuThAnne Lum McCum compars the girls in the bagnio to the chickens. He uses this comparison to describe how shameful and powerless they are when they are in the...

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