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One To One Laptop Program Essay

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Nowadays, one-to-one laptop program is a program where each student has their own laptop to use in the classroom. This program had been implemented successfully in many countries included Malaysia. The goal of this program is to improve achievement among all student groups by providing equal access to environment where it is rich of technology [3]. Moreover, computer sharing, computer lab scheduling, student transitioning, and unequal computer access is eliminated as opportunities is provided to integrate technology more naturally into instructions [3]. There is one successful case study on use of one-to-one laptops in English as Secondary Language (ESL) classroom at Cross Middle School, ...view middle of the document...

By using Achieve 3000, teacher is able to adjust texts’ reading level to appropriate student levels without making students with low-reading ability feels uneasy about their reading level [3]. In addition, students are able to get immediate feedback as they have misspelling words or grammar errors while using Word Document [3]. PowerPoint is also used by students to present their assignments in point form and it is then write in an essay using Word Document. While doing assignments, students should search for more resources to collect information [3]. Thus, this will improve their reading skills and independent research increases too [3].
By implementing one-to-one programs, there might have few positive effects on the program. First, encourage independent research [1]. Many teachers encourage student to do independent research, this is to make them responsible for their own learning as a new active role of student [1]. Besides that, student would understand there are many perspectives and sources of information [1]. Therefore, students must be able to find information and select which is the best for their own use. This helps them to pursue their own interest and interpretation of topic, and they can share with their teachers and peers too [1]....

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