One World Essay: Global Warming

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As the world advances and we discover new technologies, we are faced with the issue of energy waste and global warming more constantly as the time passes by. “Energy is the ability to do work”(getting started). Alternative power and energy generators have been built and designed to disintegrate the use of oils and fossils that damage the atmosphere and nature. As consumers of this energy we are obligated to find a solution to the problem as it is not only affecting our surroundings, but it is also damages us and our way of living.

Fortunately there are many ways of energy use which damages less the impacts on our environment. They almost none carbon emissions, compared to normal energy generators. “These include Biomass Energy, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Geothermal Energy, and Hydroelectric Energy sources” (Alternative Energy). These have become an alternative for companies, houses and other buildings, with the use of these elements we are able to produce energy reducing the production of CO2. Even though these have become mayor alternatives there also must be a living conscience and sensibility of the energy used daily and how can we take advantage of it more efficiently.

The mentioned above are not very affordable for the general market, as well as alternative energy generators, a conscience on using energy efficiently and conserving energy at home are affordable at home, school or at work. “In 2009 a study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory shows the most household energy uses :

Space Heating—29%

Space Cooling—17%

Water Heating—14%



Other (stoves, ovens, microwaves, coffee makers, dehumidifiers)—11%

Electronics (computers, monitors, DVD players, TVs)—4% “ (Getting started)

house_heatloss.gif(Whole House)

As we can see the most energy waste goes to Heating and cooling space, this can be improved with insulation and reducing air condition use. Upgrade windows and doors can reduce the amount of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning throughout the year (Getting Started). Moderating use of air conditioning and heating can “save over 2, 000 pounds of CO2 yearly. Insulation on walls and attics can improve your heating costs more than 25% “(Top 10 things).

The replacement of regular light bulbs for compact fluorescent light bulbs represents that LED and CFL lamps use 1/10th of the energy and last up 10- 40 times longer than a normal...

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