One Child Policy Should Be Abolished

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One Child Policy Should Be AbolishedOne child policy has been in effect in China for more than thirty years. However, during the recent several years, the controversy of whether the government should abolish the one child policy has been debated widely among government officials as well as ordinary people. It is a significant issue because it involves a lot of essential social problems and moral principles. There have been various opinions concerning this issue. This essay will consider arguments for abolishing the one child policy and point out the problems and consequences of keeping the policy in effect.When the one child policy was advanced, it had been argued that one child policy would benefit the country as well as its people (Qing, 1995). Its undeniable that the one child policy has shown its great effect on alleviating the population pressure. However, as the society develops, more and more inharmonious social problems are coming about because of the one child policy, among which the biggest problem is the unbalanced population. "By 2020, there will be about 40 million Chinese men unable to marry, because too few girls will have been born. Sociologists say that could trigger aggressive behavior among frustrated bachelors, including kidnapping and trafficking in women." (VOA, 2006). Moreover, the one child policy is also exacerbating China's aging population problem, whose severe consequences will be further explained in the following statement.It is the contention that china's one child policy helps eradicate poverty ( This opinion goes on to assert that by controlling china's population with one child policy, there will be more resources distributed to every individual, thus the society will be wealthier and poverty will be eliminated. In fact, it is on the contrary that after china's population has been massively reduced, the one child policy has started doing harm to the economy. The unusually rapid fertility decline in China has produced a...

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1671 words - 7 pages out of poverty. “Researchers told the china economic times that the one child-policy should be adjusted as soon as possible to avoid demographic crisis” (Cheryl Wetzstein). However females believe they don’t have the same exact right as the males in china, women should have rights choosing their child birth, being there for their family, economic growth, and also having time with their kids and having the money. Women in China are not forced

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1051 words - 4 pages The one-child policy is a policy enforced by the Chinese government that allows only one child to be born per family, which includes consequences if not abided by. Initial birth control was introduced over 55 years ago in china, when the government stopped encouraging large families due to a population boom. The one-child policy was introduced in 1979, is still active for over 25 years, and has since affected the lives of more than one billion

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2517 words - 10 pages form of the so called ''One-Child Policy. Taking what seemed to be like a straight -forward approach to the population problem, the official statement said: ''Women who give birth to one child will be praised; women who give birth to three or more will suffer sanctions. ''. This was met with mixed reactions. According to some undertaken surveys taken 9 out of 10 Chinese couples were opposed to the policy. Outside the borders though, foreign family

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8201 words - 33 pages choice to follow the policy or not should rather be 000166-XXX 8 described as a choice to choose how far they are willing to let the government infringe upon their personal rights. III. A Hidden Generation As a consequence of China's one-child policy, many children have been born into this world without an identity, and are therefore not legally entitled to any human rights (One Child Policy Statistics). Births are only seen as legal if the

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1822 words - 7 pages countryside read, “Give birth to fewer babies, plant more trees” and “If you give birth to extra children, your family will be ruined” (Demick 2). Parents who give birth to more children could also be charged a compensation fee for every kid. On the other hand, families who follow the one-child policy are given preferential treatment for jobs, housing and maternity leaves (Dewey 5). There are many regulations in the policy people must follow

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1476 words - 6 pages stop at one child. Many believed that three of four children would be an ideal in a family. It has seems that some people in the cities did infact accept the government belief on the one child policy. Some people think they bought into the propaganda and was manipulated into thinking that there is a better quality of life with modernization. While many in the cities obey the population standards in thinking that their communistic belief is

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1024 words - 4 pages believe, but they are true. What is going on in China isn't right, and it should be stopped. They can't kill innocent infants. Every infant should have the right to live. Today, women in China still do not have the right to plan their own families. The problems and violations of human rights in China are very hard to correct, but that doesn't mean these problems can never be fixed.Bibliography1. "One Child Policy." CNSNews. 04 Feb. 2007 .2. Wikipedia. 03 Feb. 2007. 04 Feb. 2007 .3. "China's One Child Policy." Overpopulation.Com. 09 Feb. 2007. 09 Feb. 2007

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1023 words - 4 pages ever since. The lives of everyday people were changed drascitally from this point forward. How the Policy Adapts to Life Under the one-child program, as it was most commonly enforced, a couple was allowed to have one child. If that child turned out be a girl, they were allowed to have a second child. After the second child, they were not allowed to have any more children. In some places though couples were only allowed to have one child

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1342 words - 5 pages -child policy is to control population and enhance people's living standard.It cannot be doubted that one-child policy plays an important role of controlling population in China. According to the statistics by China Population Development and Research Center, the birth rate and natural growth rate dropped from 18.93‰ to 12.29‰ and 12.06‰ to 5.87 ‰ respectively from 1977 to 2005 (Ye 2005: 65). With the steady decrease of

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1285 words - 5 pages women in China and should be brought to an end. China’s one-child policy has violated women’s rights for years. It has caused women to go into hiding, suffer abortions and limit them to having only one child. With family planning officials out looking for women who are pregnant with their second child, women and their children are put into danger. Women who become pregnant often leave their family behind and go in hiding until their second child is

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2147 words - 9 pages achieving gender equality such as workplace unfairness and family labor distribution should be addressed on a further step. Reference Hannum,Emily& Kong,Peggy& Zhang,Yuping(2009).Family Sources of Educational Gender Inequality in Rural China: A Critical Assessment. International Journal of Educational Development, 5, 474-486. Li, J., & Cooney, R, S. (1993). Son preference and one child policy in china: 1979-1988. Population

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1109 words - 4 pages second child if their first child is female. So, they usually expect to have a male baby as a second child. Then, if their second child is female too, she is seldomly registered with the government because her parents don't want to inform.I don't believe that government should impose those family decisions such as how many children one household can have; it is a primordial human's right. China's one child policy is really a macro societal policy

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1006 words - 4 pages year reduces from 20 million to 14 million. On the other hand, the writers of "Rethinking family values" Carroll Bogert and George Wehrfritz believe that there must be an alternative solution for the one-child-policy because it is considered a serious violation for human rights. The writers introduce the roots of the problem when China was under the leadership of Mao. Then they gravely criticize the methods used by the government to control the

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2020 words - 8 pages chaos and more citizens will be in the wraths of poverty. Therefore, the One Child Policy should still exist in order for China to sustain itself. Since China has about 1.3 billion people and the population continues to grow, there needs to be a plentiful amount of resources, such as food. According to the CIA world fact book, China also has the 163rd highest birth rate at 12.17 babies per 100 people, therefore there are roughly 16,851,738 babies