Online Marketing: Taking Advantage Of The World Wide Web

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Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including research and advertising. Internet has made the world of marketing so much more simple and fast paced. Simply using the World Wide Web to market something opens up a whole new world of marketing which is easier and more effective. Online marketing is the best way to get your product out there because it provides all kinds of ways to promote and sell a product, things like creating a website for your business, being accessible from smartphones and reciprocal loyalty. One of the most important things is being apart of social media, especially in the twenty-first century. In the society we live in today there are so many people that have a knack for marketing themselves, whether it be having the right set of resources or just being a personable person with no fear of diving into such a competitive and advanced marketing world. People like that are not even comparable to the multi-billion dollar corporations out there, they are by far superior to any new comers because not only do they have the money, they have years and years of experience to work with. For example Bill Gates is the worlds richest billionaire of 2014 and is valued at seventy six billion dollars according to the Forbes rich list. He is the co-chair for Microsoft and is at the top of the marketing ladder, Microsoft has a gigantic array of products that probably play a part in every human beings life on this planet and is recognized by almost everyone.
Tom Sullivan wrote about a few different types of online marketing in the article “4 Types of Online Marketing . . . and How We Can Help;” content marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing and email marketing. Sullivan describes content marketing being able to take different formats “including videos, photos, PowerPoint presentations, info graphics, white papers, case studies, webinars, podcasts and more,”(1). Basically content marketing isn’t the selling aspect of marketing but communication with the customer and making the general public aware of your business. Social media marketing can be a couple things, advertisements on any social media is huge and can amplify traffic on your site. If you create a fan page or account for your company and one person likes it, it will start to branch off to all of their friends and continue on. Before you know it you’ll have millions of visitors on your site per day. Search engine marketing has two main forms; PPC, which is pay per click, and then SEO, which is search engine optimization (Sullivan). PPC advertisements work with Google so businesses bid on the ad placement and pay Google each time it gets clicked on. SEO advertisements are the unpaid links that are ordered by how relative Google thinks each link is. Email marketing is anything from a newsletter to coupons, it sends out thousands of emails a day to anyone that has signed up on your website. Sullivan says “44% of email...

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