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Online, Web And Mobile Advertising Essay

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Online Advertisement|Web|Mobile Advertisement

Advertising delivered over the internet is called “online advertising” has become important reference for web/mobile advertisement business. Survey which was occurred in 2008 says that fifty-six websites out 100 websites presented advertising.” these 56 accounted for 86 percent of the total page views for these 100 sites. Twenty-six of these 56 sites, accounting for 77 percent of all page views for the top 100 sites”, probably earn most of their gross income from selling advertising. For the smaller websites advertising is an important source for fund. “Online advertising is also central to the $34 billion and rising ecommerce economy (U.S. Department of Commerce, 2008)”.

(Evans, D. S. 2009)

Table of Content


1.0 Introduction

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this essay is examined and informs the upcoming changes in the field of online advertising in next 5 to 10 years. Online advertising has made human life really easy because consumers will be able to buy any routine life products with many discount offers which make their liveliness so comfortable.

In early days marketers could not be able to reach most of their clients who are living on other side this planet because of lack of connection, so they could not market their product all around the world. Online advertising which is also called as a web advertising or mobile advertising, use internet to deliver various ads for the promotion of different product. Advertisement commonly delivers in form of several methods. Online advertisement includes publisher and an advertiser, publisher who configure advertisements in website, and an advertiser, who gives advertisement to publisher which would be display in publisher’s platform. Other important member is advertising agencies that facilitate to produce ad, an ad platform (portal) who manage to keep all the statistics report.

Mobile marketing provides extraordinary change for business. Mobile marketing which is directly enabled in mobile devices, allows advertising company to directly communicate with their users without losing time or location hurdle. Marketers have lots chances in marketing industry, but still many factors of mobile marketing remained for the investigation. More likely topic of M-advertising (Mobile advertising) is of major interest.
(Haghirian, P., Madlberger, M., & Tanuskova, A. ,2005).

1.2 Delivery Methods are:
Online advertising place its advertising content using images, video, animations or other graphic pictures. Ad business is always being target oriented. They try to reach particular audience to attract towards their advertisements. Advertising agency keep record of user’s computer IP address, cookies and...

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