Internet And Cultural And Historical Diversity Of Style In Composition

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Internet and Cultural and Historical Diversity of Style in Composition

The technological revolution of the late twentieth century has arguably caused some of the greatest changes in the global society. Few realize the full effects of the computer age. The Internet in particular has brought the corners of the world closer together. Even in the most remote areas of the globe, such as Katmandu, one can see an advertisement for e-mail (Stefik 235). One might begin to wonder what the social consequences of this pervasiveness are. The Internet brings many diverse groups of people together to participate in many aspects of life from trade to conversations. Some might wonder if these interactions might lead to an end of diversity. In chatrooms and instant messages, the push towards uniformity in style is undeniable. However, this change is far from limited to these small areas of the Internet.

In order to evaluate the Internet’s effect on the culture of today, it is first important to define the composition of world today, in particular those that use the Internet. Upon thorough examination of the world today, one will come to a striking realization: American culture has infiltrated even the most remote areas of the world and created a global monoculture. American culture can be best defined as a pure lack of culture; it assimilates any other cultures it encounters and makes it secular. This fact
makes it ideal to be the global monoculture. Furthermore, this dominance has led to an end of cultural diversity. The Internet, like television and film, is merely another vessel for the spread of Americanism. Rather quickly it becomes difficult to determine which medium directly affected particular changes in style, making it impossible to answer the proposed question explicitly. Instead it becomes necessary to examine how American culture has brought to an end diversity of style in composition and then view the Internet’s role in facilitating this.

The Internet is arguably the greatest breakthrough in information technology ever; it allows for instant communication between people situated on other sides of the world. Furthermore, it allows for access to virtually limitless information on a plethora of topics. Commerce, too, has been revolutionized by this medium; the intermediary is cut out of many sales reducing costs, and sites like eBay have made it much easier for people to find goods they desire. The key to the success of the Internet is the fact that everything occurs nearly instantaneously; there are no delays associated with paper work or with having to deal with consumer service representatives on the phone to verify information. However, there has been a byproduct of the Internet; people have become impatient more or less and expect information quicker. After a couple years, e-mails were no longer satisfactory. Soon emails were replaced with instant messengers. However, instant messengers were still limited by a person’s ability to...

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