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Internet At Iron Mountain Essay

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Iron Mountain is a storage facility which manages information and records. Iron Mountain has over 125,000 customer accounts, and operates more than 650 record centers in 81 U.S. markets and 44 international locations. Healthcare records, electronic images, and paper records are stored and managed as well as destroyed upon request. With connections to the internet, customers have access to their accounts 24/7.Internet advertising is heavily employed. Customers, who call the 1-800 number, waiting-on-hold for customer service, hear messages urging them to look at company websites. Consumers who happen to be browsing the Internet see embedded and pop-up advertising about how they can become happily involved with company websites. Two examples of Iron Mountain’s internet sites that are heavily used are the Yellow pages and Iron Mountain’s web site. Customers are urged to use their online customer service by including the web-site address with every monthly bill. Now that is leveraging one’s assets to drive participation in the internet. The strategy is to give customers an idea of how easy it is to shop for supplies, place orders, and review bills with Iron Mountain.Upon visiting the site, navigation and comprehension of the site is quite user friendly. Probable customers will be able to view a video tour as well as obtain important information on the various services that are provided. Current customers are able to view inventory, order supplies and boxes. By circulating the web address via monthly bill, utilizing pop-up ads, and embedded advertising, Iron Mountain is putting out the welcome mat and inviting new and existing customers to sample the site. This initiative speaks volume, showing that Iron Mountain is heavily committing resources and time, attempting to increase customer involvement in the Internet.Iron Mountain uses the Internet to disseminate information internally and externally. Iron Mountain beats the drum of public relations loudly, pounding company news and offers into consumer's brains. Iron Mountain’s news is distributed via the...

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