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Online Car Sales Essay

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As we now enter our second decade in this millennium, we are becoming more technological dependent, there are still some pros and cons lingering when it comes to comparing storefront stores with ecommerce websites. One of the goods I really have seen an increase in online promotion is the sales of vehicles. Across the nation and even worldwide, people are able to post an ad and sell their vehicle, a little less than two decades ago this was a luxurious option for individuals and even car dealerships. We can see how eBay,, and Kelly Blue Book have made a mark in the auto sales industry; each one of these sites have made their name distinct from one another and we’ll see the perfect fit when trying to sell your vehicle.

When trying to sell your car, many factors come into consideration. One particular factor is the way you market your vehicle, either via photos, videos or just a plain detailed description to the audience. Many of the aforementioned websites offer the capability to expand your reach. It targets your local community and across the country as well. The ease of access of your ad to potential buyers has created an environment where cars are sold via emails exchange rather than setting an appointment with a car dealership. Many of these perks come with a price though, during the increase of online activities relating to car sales, fraud has been the leading case. Victims are exposed to a higher chance of fraud when dealing in private car sales as well as untrustworthy car dealers, these individuals claim in their online ads, that their vehicles are in top notch condition. Though ecommerce has increased, awareness for this type of incident must be avoided or at least minimized. The websites I’ll be comparing will show how each can offer different benefits and their disadvantages.
There are so many eCommerce websites that we ask ourselves: where do we begin? Since I was looking for a store online that appealed to the sale of my car, it got narrowed pretty much to three eCommerce websites. The sites I chose to compare my availabilities were: eBay,, and; they each offered a distinct yet similar service. One of my main factors was “time”, I needed to get rid of my car quickly and effectively, and these sites offered the efficiency with very little effort to put in.

When I visited, I can see the homepage had already a questionnaire with details about the car you were looking for. I saw this as an opportunity to check the market and see how my vehicle was doing in terms of value. The vehicle I searched was a Land Rover Discovery from 2004. Immediately I saw all the listings from different people across the country. This was very helpful; I got insight on the value and the index price. After this I was impressed, I decided to visit the “sell” section and according to “Reach over 11 million car shoppers that visit the network every month. Ads go through our fraud filters...

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