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Online Class Vs. Traditional: What’s The Difference?

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Nakeea Rance
May 26, 2014
ENC 1101

Online Class vs. Traditional: What’s the Difference?
So it’s 9:00 am and your class has finally ended. As you are on your way out, you glance down at your watch to find out that you have approximately 15 minutes to get to work. As you practically sprint at full speed to your car, you come across a brief thought in your head, “I knew I should have just took that online class”. It is true that online classes do provide flexibility and convenience while traditional classes, typically, do not. And this isn’t the only difference, online and traditional classes are two helpful learning environments that differs in numerous ways.
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But in a real classroom, it wouldn’t be as distracting because even if you’re not paying attention, it’s difficult to sit through an entire lecture without absorbing at least part of the lesson. Plus, like any other classroom, electronic devices are probably not allowed and if you’re seen with one, it’s more than likely that it’s going to be confiscated. So to avoid getting it taken, most students are pretty much forced to leave it where it’s at and pay attention to the lecture.
Lastly, what traditional and online classes also differ in is the communication. Online students typically communicate with their instructor via email or phone, while students in traditional classes have more of a direct contact with theirs, which allows for conversations before class and after and it gives the student the ability to stop by and visit the professor about concerns or grades. Also, face-to-face students have a chance to interact with other students in person while students in online classes have to interact with peers through email and virtual discussion.
As can be seen, online and traditional classes has many differences. But what has not been...

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