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Online Courses Essay

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In today’s fast paced world of technology, the standard college classroom is branching out from large classrooms and professors, to online courses where a student can earn a degree from the comfort of their home. Advancements in technology have provided schools the ability to teach students the same course content provided to students in the classroom. Some students, such as me, lead very busy lives, and the idea of sitting in a classroom is out of reach when you must also work a full time job and care for a family. While moving my education to an online setting was a difficult transition, the availability of these courses had a profound effect on my education: allowing me to earn my ...view middle of the document...

It did not take long for me to realize that I was in for a big change from the typical classroom setting. No longer could I rely on a teacher to walk me through each assignment and my studies became independent rather than in the group setting I was used to. I was concerned that I would no longer have other classmates to bounce ideas off of or a teacher who could assist me with a difficult problem. I quickly learned that this was not the case. Even though the setting of the classroom was in a virtual world, I had access to message boards where I could discuss topics with other students; my instructor was easily reached for questions. This helped me to realize that even though I was sitting alone in my room doing schoolwork, I was not alone in my learning experience.
As I progressed through my course of study, I started to realize that I could study anywhere that I had access to the internet. I was able to study on my commute to work instead of staring at the random things that flew by outside of the window. I was able to study on my breaks at work instead of watching CNN in the lunch room. I found many ways to increase the amount of time I could study around the normal day to day activity in my already busy life. The ability to structure my study times in this fashion allowed me to significantly increase the amount of time I had available for study. I was not limited to the research material provided in a traditional school either, I had full access to a library, a center for writing excellence, and several other resources that would normally require you to physically visit in order to utilize.
I tend to learn better when putting what I am learning into practice, rather than just reading and learning, which was a major concern when considering online classes. Once I began my online...

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