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Online Courses Versus In Classroom Courses Essay

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In contemporary times, the technological advancement known as the Internet, has revolutionized the way in which society is educated. This tool greatly impacts not only the field of education, but every aspect of society. Indeed, Lewin documents, “those ages 8 to 18 spend more than seven and a half hours a day” (A1), connected to the Internet. This citation illustrates the extensive amount of time today’s youth are online. To that end, the Internet is prevalent in many homes throughout the world and continues to influence the way in which people are educated both in the classroom and even while performing homework. The impact of the Internet becomes evident when one begins to examine similarities and differences between the slew of contemporary online courses and the conventional in-class experience.
Arguably one of the most glaring differences between the modern online learning method and the traditional classroom setting, is the lack of personal attention that a teacher conveys to the online classroom. For instance, online instructors are limited as they are forced to relay information solely through such vehicles as planned web posts and various scheduled modules. In contrast, in the classical classroom experience a student is afforded the opportunity to interact with a teacher. Furthermore, the traditional method of instruction typically empowers each person with the ability to sit in a classroom and yet excel at their own pace. Truth be told, a number of Internet classes offer an option to stay online and interact with the teacher after the lesson. That said, one can only take advantage of this offer if one has the time open in their schedule to remain in front of their computer after the class has ended. Likewise, the above mentioned opportunity is almost exclusively offered to a student who is enrolled in a live online course. Hence, if a person takes any other online class they will not be afforded such interaction. Additionally, in order to partake in such a class one does not simply need to buy the typical classic course tools such as a textbook, pencil or pen and a notebook. Rather, this type of course also requires one to purchase or own a headset with a microphone or a webcam. The reason for this is because one uses it to communicate and further access the class’s various visual aids, see the teacher’s face, and observe the instructor’s body language.
On the other hand, an online course permits students the option and availability to enroll in a vast array of course choices regardless of their location. In so doing, it allows a student a unique opportunity to further their education anywhere in the world. After all, if one is in the United States or on a military base in Japan students can still attain an education from their home country and in their mother tongue via the Internet. However, lessons that take place in a physical classroom are confined to that location. Thus, students situated within the nearby vicinity of the...

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