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Although technology has allowed people to expand their horizons it has also opened more doors to danger. The World Wide Web wreaks havoc on our own lives without us even knowing. From bullying to sexual predators, social media is damaging people’s reputations and even consuming their life through cyber bullying, online chat rooms, and pornography.
Cyber bullying is a leading danger in today’s online life, especially among teenagers. While many people believe to understand what cyber bullying is, not many grasp the effects of it. This can cause anxiety, depression, and, in some cases, even suicide. There are reportedly 4,400 suicide deaths a year according to the Center for Disease ...view middle of the document...

Chat rooms “is all the rage” these days, not only with young adults wanting social interaction but as well with teenagers. However, even with this the danger lies when one does not truly know the person sitting on the other side of the computer screen. A chat room is a website in which people from all around the world come together online and can have conversations with one another. This may seem fun and innocent at first but because many online chat rooms do not censor what the public can say this is where one danger lies. Cha Many chat rooms require the user to be eighteen years of age upon creating an account with the site but it is just as easy to change your birth year. For example, a fifteen year old can easily change his or her birthday from March 21, 1999 to March 21, 1996, thus giving them access to a wide sea of potential predators. One of the most common dangers is sexual solicitation. “‘Sexual solicitation’ does not mean ‘offering to pay kids for sex.’ It means asking kids to talk about sex, to give out personal sexual information, or asking them to do something sexual.” Not to be confused with child prostitution. Sexual solicitation makes up 89% of online chat room conversations. It’s becoming even easier for men and women to scout out their victims because of how specifically chat rooms are categorized; it can be dependent upon your age, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. In many cases the person committing the sexual solicitation request for inappropriate pictures from his or her victim, such as revealing and provocative image towards one’s self.
Pornography is a growing danger in today’s society and it...

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