Online Data Tracking: An Invasion Of Privacy?

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The personal connection Americans have with their phones, tablets, and computers; and the rising popularity of online shopping and social websites due to the massive influence the social media has on Americans, it is clear why this generation is called the Information Age, also known as Digital Age. With the Internet being a huge part of our lives, more and more personal data is being made available, because of our ever-increasing dependence and use of the Internet on our phones, tablets, and computers. Some corporations such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook; governments, and other third parties have been tracking our internet use and acquiring data in order to provide personalized services and advertisements for consumers. Many American such as Nicholas Carr who wrote the article “Tracking Is an Assault on Liberty, With Real Dangers,” Anil Dagar who wrote the article “Internet, Economy and Privacy,” and Grace Nasri who wrote the article “Why Consumers are Increasingly Willing to Trade Data for Personalization,” believe that the continuing loss of personal privacy may lead us as a society to devalue the concept of privacy and see privacy as outdated and unimportant. Privacy is dead and corporations, governments, and third parties murdered it for their personal gain not for the interest of the public as they claim. There are more disadvantages than advantages on letting corporations, governments, and third parties track and acquire data to personalized services and advertisements for us.

Online data tracking good because it allows companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Twitter to give you customize Internet service for better experiences. Online tracking allows advertisers to precisely target their consumer’s needs based on their browsing history and purchases. Companies like yahoo argue that online data tracking is necessary to provide with news product suggestions and other information we might be interested in. A recent study has shown that many costumers show an increase willingness to share their personal data in return for a more personalized and targeted shopping experience, but do not like the idea of being watch over. (Nasri)
Online tracking is good so we can get customized Internet experiences, but many users do not realize that we become isolated from information and stuck in a “filter bubble.” As individual’s personal data is collected and tracked, data is accumulating based on past profile information and can sometimes produce-outdated results. (Nasri) Personalized Internet experience can also eliminate the discovery process and could result in a failure to show consumers certain offerings of interest—the data collected from the user-- might not have revealed. (Nasri) Online tracking isolates us from information that may interest us, but disagrees with the way we see and understand things. When shopping on Amazon or EBay or browsing threw the internet we are constantly bombarded with ads we might be interest or want to look at, but...

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