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He was waiting at the corner of his grandparents’ house, probably that was not the first time, but he knew that eventually she would be crossing by. He knew where she lived, her routines. Here she comes seriously dress in black. Long hair pull up from the front, long wavy skirt, black heels shoes, straight and focus in her walking. She is at the corner of her house, ready to turn street, but she notices him, his eyes are desperately looking to meet hers. Finally they meet, she is surprised of that passion and feels the heat in her heart, but she is shy and young, puts her head down and fast and shaking leaves the road. Could this ever happen with an online dating site? Absolutely not; ...view middle of the document...

There are two basic types of dating sites: free and paid. Free dating sites are not monitored, not screened and not reliable. Paid dating sites offer some trial periods and usually they provide safe access for their users. One of these paid dating sites, actually the first dating site, got sued by a successful Hollywood executive woman, Carole Markin. According to Andrew Springer and Alex Stone via Good Morning America, Carole got forced to perform a sexual act. After she had dinner with the man met at, he followed Markin to her house and assaulted her. Markin got traumatized by the event and was in therapy. claimed that was not their responsibility to investigate on the criminal background, but dating site’s customers. Same danger is from scams as by Melanie Hichen in CNN Money, tells a story of a Montana Resident, Debbie Best. After years of dating, she finally found the man that she liked. After months, the man started asking for money, six months later, she lost $1,500 and broke her heart in the process, because the man took advantage of it. In 2011, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center received 5,600 complaints from romance scammers’ victims in online dating sites, chat rooms, and social networking sites. The victims reported $50.4 million of losses. As Christian Fan writes in her articles in VB News, 1 in 10 profiles are scams. The least you need to worry about when going on online dating is find a cripple, because the most danger is fraud. Typically scammers will change their picture for a military personnel, and start tracking for people looking for love. Once they have found the person, they ask to talk on private message and start to write and talk sweet, with love letter, etc… until they show that are in love and want to fly to see the lover. Suddenly at the time of the trip, a problem will come up that they need money right away, such as for someone in care is sick. FBI issued a warning about a new kind of online dating scam known as ransomware. A virus that will block the computer until a payment is made.
Online dating, according to Cam Langdon, is an unnatural environment, for so many reasons: the person’s body language cannot be identified, which is part of 90% of communication; there is reciprocal misrepresentations, in trying to set a date. Statistics show that people exaggerate on their achievement, looks and abilities, more online then in face to face meeting. It is unnatural because love cannot be forced, people cannot be forced to like you. Also unnatural is the shopping mentality, as Arianna Merritt writes: The process of finding love through a selection of pictures and they choose who they like, choose the best person, like in a meat market. This shopping mentality process, other than unnatural is also shallow; people look for the beautiful, skinny and rich person. There are sites that eliminated thousands of people from their sites, just because they became overweight, and sites...

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Online Dating Essay

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