Online Dating And Sociopaths Essay

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What is a sociopath? According to R. (2012) “There are people in the world who don't care about love, and who feel no remorse, empathy or emotional attachment to others. They don't even know what these feeling are. These people are called sociopaths.” (It Wasn"t a Relationship – It Was a Robbery!!, 2013) explains, “The sociopath makes a career living off others. They feed off your energy, your wealth, your social life, your friends and family, your body, everything, and if you have material possessions, they will take those too.” According to Andersen (n.d.) “[Sic] Sociopathy is not a mental illness; it is a personality disorder. The condition is highly genetic.” These days most people find their mate on an online dating sites. Most of the dates go well but, “More than 2 billion people on the Internet. It is reasonable to assume that, as in real life, 1 percent to 4 percent of them are sociopaths. That means they are 20 million to 80 million sociopaths online – all trolling for victims 24/7 around the world” (Andersen, 2012, p. 91). Andersen (2012) writes, “If you are looking for love online, by definition, you are lonely. Sociopaths specialize in targeting lonely people” (p. 88). Andersen (2012) continues, “The Internet and social media make it easy for sociopaths to research you, your connections and your interests. Still, sociopaths usually get all the information they need for seduction directly from you, through conversations and correspondence” (p. 113). Could your online date actually be a sociopath?”
One of the signs your online date may be a sociopath is charm and charisma. According to Presno (2007), “An everyday sociopath doesn’t come out and say, ‘I want to take all I can from you and then throw you away at will.’ He attempts to lure in at first. He’s quite the con man” (p. 144). The sociopath is oozing with charisma and charm. R. (2012) states, “They may be fun, laugh a lot, sweep their partner off their feet with their sweetness.” When you first meet them, many sociopaths may have an alluring energy about them and you are drawn to them like a moth to a light bulb. Andersen (2012) writes, “Charisma describes personal magnetism – sociopaths exude a mixture of enthusiasm and self-confidence that is often irresistible” (p. 15).
Andersen (2012) continues, “Charm is how sociopaths soften you up, paving the way to using you. Sociopaths work their charm through their extraordinary verbal skills. Usually they are smooth talkers – always have an answer; never miss a beat. Witty, clever, articulate – they can talk you into giving them what they want, and they know it” (p. 16).
Charisma and charm are not always a bad thing however, “The problem with charisma and charm in sociopaths is the hidden agenda. These people use their magnetic personalities to deceive, manipulate and exploit.” (Andersen 2012 p. 14)
Another sign that your online date may be a sociopath is an enormous ego. R. (2012) says, “They act like the smartest, richest or most...

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