Internet Dating, Love, And Identity Essay

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Internet dating is one of the most popular ways to meet a potential person that meets your needs for your ideal relationship. For a love bases, online relationships are just ridiculous. The starting idea of internet dating was to get to know someone without knowing what they look like, to create chemistry with another person without considering looks. If you scan those sites you’ll see unrealistic looking girls or even boys as their profile picture. Even so with their personal profile, most people will create false information to suit a person that is more likely to get matches or interests. Just to get a response they’re willing to pretend to be someone else, so if they can’t even be true to there self on the internet how true to themselves are they in real life?
In addition with having no consideration of who they may be talking to, most adults wouldn’t even consider the dangers of online dating, and forget they may not be talking to who they believe. With these sites that are created to meet friends and find love are even taking advantage of that to create a huge profit on these services. Teenagers also have access to sites with online chat rooms and social profile websites such as Myspace, Tagged, Twitter and Facebook. They often get lost in an illusion reality and can even give out too much information to their mysterious friend, which puts their life in danger.

However, adults often become to dependant on finding a mate on online dating services that they forget often that they may not be talking to who they may think they are talking to and consider a friend. Most times a user will be highly influenced by a seemly nice person, and decide to take the next step in meeting their mysterious ‘soul mate’.
Nevertheless that is how Thomas William Abney from Oregon USA found his victim, by pretending to be a seemingly good person and once he charmed a forty-three year-old women, after one month of chatting on the internet he proposed that he would visit her at her studio apartment on May 12th 2000. She agreed unknowing of who this man really was and trusted him to visit her home, the one place of security she still had. When she invited the stranger into her home, she didn’t seem rather fond of him and strongly suggested that he should go back home where they would simply keep in contact by e-mail. He reacted with rage at the woman’s disinterest in him. He threw her down onto the bed where he straddled her and began to strangle her until she lost consciousness. When she awakened, drenched in her own blood she soon realised her purse and car keys were gone. This meant Thomas Abney had taken off with her car. She then called police for help and the police soon began their investigation. Police traced and arrested Thomas Abney at an Alaska Airlines flight.
Even though, Men and Women are now more so occupied with their careers and families to take the time to go out with some friends, and meet other potential mates. So for them, when they see...

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