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Online Education Vs. Traditional Education Essay

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Many students have difficulty choosing an institution to attend. Technology has brought many new ways to earn a degree, which is convenient for many people in modern society. Many students might argue whether online or traditional education is more suitable. Regardless, if a student decides to attend a traditional college or decides to attend online, they are both trying to obtain the same goal; an education. Although traditional education and online education have their own advantages, traditional education offers better communication, opportunities, and flexibility.
Communication is an important life line to students. Online education allows students to communicate globally and internationally, through emails, message boarding, chat rooms, and video conferencing. This is great for students who have short attention spans or for students who don’t like to writing notes during lectures. “Archived video footage and virtual real-time lectures, online assignments and presentations; multimedia has been a part of classrooms-all these have been part of higher education for a while now. However, online education strictly means taking the entire course online via laptop, this is an entirely new experience” (Ghaffari 14). However, it has its own unique challenges and frustrations. With online learning, students often fail to manage their time effectively; falling behind. They also lose interest in their course and they don’t fully understand the material and ideas being communicated.
Regardless of how far technology takes education, there’s no arguing traditional education has value especially when everyone learns differently. With traditional education, students can proactively communicate with their teachers and peers. Which ensures clarification to concepts and solves any problems they have difficulty with by conversions and group discussions. In spite of, face-to-face communication being effective it also has a huge flaw. In fact, it’s completely ineffective if students aren’t attentive and it’s not effective in a large groups.
Higher forms of education offer people many opportunities. It gives students a chance to increase their education, determine their futures, and improve their life choices. Online education offers opportunities to people with busy lifestyles to continue their education. In addition, it provides convenience to those who have already earned their degree to further broaden their career opportunities. However, not everyone treats online and traditional education the same way. For example, a student who took several online classes, decides to transfer to a traditional college, but...

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