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The world is flattening at an alarming rate. The United States is now on a level playing field with many countries that we surpassed by far twenty years ago. Online learning may be the key to ensuring that future generations of college students can continue to compete in the new global market that has been created. In a New York Times article by David Leonhardt called The College Dropout Boom Leonhardt says, “...a college education matters much more now than it once did.” Online learning should be encouraged in Washington State to increase degree completion for college level students. Elearning provides new learning opportunities for current college students, increases internet ...view middle of the document...

In The World is Flat, Thomas Friedman says, “The first, and most important, ability you can develop in a flat world is the ability to “learn how to learn” - to constantly absorb, and teach yourself new ways of doing old things or new ways of doing new things.” Friedman clearly understands the importance of people being able to learn new skills in this new flat world. Learning how to learn takes on a new meaning when you apply it to online learning. Students must really push themselves to do well in their classes when they are online because there are no teachers making sure that you come to class everyday, and there are no reminders to get your work done. We are living in a world that is growing smaller every single day. As we continue on this path, many jobs will be outsourced and technology will begin to play a larger and larger role in our everyday lives at work and at home. Teaching ourselves how to learn new technological skills quickly and effectively will be vital for the new jobs created by the outsourcing of the old jobs. Learning online is a step in the right direction for people who want to compete in this new job market. Another important skill that will be learning how to sift through all the noise you come across on the web in this age of technology overload.

Another aspect of online learning is learning how to safely and smartly navigate the internet. There are many things on the internet that aren’t true and learning how to surf the web and properly do research is more important now than ever. In his book, The World is Flat, Thomas Friedman says, “...teaching them how to navigate that virtual world, and how to sift through it and separate the noise, the filth, and the lies from the facts, the wisdom, and the real sources of knowledge becomes more important than ever.” School is drastically different from the way it was only fifty years ago. Students are now exposed to the world wide web at a young age, so learning how to navigate it is essential for their survival throughout their college and professional careers. Thomas Friedman lays out the importance of the internet saying, “Broadband and information technologies are important not only because they are big global businesses in and of themselves, but also because they are critical to advancing productivity and innovation in every sector in the economy.” This quote from The World is Flat...

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